The Bread of God. The manna of His presence.

Only a humble heart can receive the fullest blessing of the bread of God. There should be no pride about Divine guidance. The Makers voice is a gift that we cannot find on our own . We lose the power of the gift, when we are not grateful for it. It is a gift of grace, not merit. I hear from God, not because I am so good but because He is! Thank God for His tender mercies and unmerited guidance and presence. I best honor Him , when I am eager to give God credit for my blessings and am equally quick to take personal credit for my mistakes. Thank you God for your faithful gentle leading in our lives, when we humbly seek You .

Jesus is the bread of life

The same as you can smell the honeysuckle in the summer air, before you know exactly where it is; sensing the Spirit of God is like that. You can sense that He is there like the voice of many waters. Clearly present but somehow all around us. Let’s be thankful that God is relentless in His love for us—ever-pursuing, ever-present, and ever-guiding. Choosing to relate to us if we relate to Him.

The Presence of God

Knowing God is like a kinetic flow. It is always a moving relationship. God’s Spirit is always the same but You will never be the same, after you open your heart to Him. Edel Walsh said: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Evenso, it is not God failing to speak to us, when we sense a breach in our communication with Him. It is some barrier that we have built up within us that prevents this conscious contact.

The best place to find the secrets of your own heart is to find the secrets of the heart of Jesus. He is the Pearl Above Price. Frequently when something is wrong on the inside of us, the answer is not to figure it out but to draw reverently closer to Christ and let His answer flow in.

Jesus the friend

We do not understand heaven. It is not a place. It is a dimension. That’s why we can know the kingdom of heaven now. God wants us to dwell there. he wants His kingdom to be found in us. (Lk. 17:20-21)

God promises to reward us if we seek Him, because He wants to be found by us. He desires us to cultivate a relationship with Him, yes in eternity. But more-so in eternity beginning now.

There is a ready supply of good, right, uplifting regeneration available to us at all times, if we will make ourselves available to God. I can never get deeper into God than I let Him into me. But He is always willing to go into me, as deep as I will let Him go.

Jesus in the heart

God broods and woos men to higher, nobler thinking. Just as the wheel steers the ship; so God’s Spirit directs our lives, if we let Him. As surely as electricity lights up the room when u plug into active current-God’s Spirit will fill up the room of our heart when we plug into Him!

God’s Wisdom is like a deep well ever available in your own yard. It is yours personally & plentifully when you keep it clear, clean and open and when you choose to access it.

God shares His heart with those who share their heart with Him.

Jesus - standing at the door knocking
Tim talking about The Book

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