The Firestorm of Faith

The Firestorm of Faith?

Many times it is quite clear to me what I should title my BEAMS. I had 2 very strong thoughts about this one. The first was “The Reasonableness of Faith,” because the proposition of belief is a very reasonable affair. However through recent events, I have realized that when you graduate from belief to the word faith; it becomes an explosive terminology. It can literally cause a firestorm. One literally caused this article.

What do I mean by “The Firestorm of Faith.” The first account of faith causing a firestorm was related in the Old Testament Canon of Scripture. “If I am a man of God,” Elijah replied, “may fire come down from heaven …………………” Then the fire of God fell.  2nd Kings 1:11 (condensed)  The prophet Elijah’s faith was literally confirmed by fire. Perhaps, you will recall that Moses faith was confirmed by A Burning Bush.

the burning bushnazarene burning bush

      And while not so graphic, faith has been causing firestorms ever since! Consider the faith of Luther, who’s famous 95 theses nailed to the door of the church in Wittenberg caused the protestant reformation. Consider the faithful, itinerant preaching of John Wesley that resulted in the formation of Methodism. Remember the Wright Brother’s, who’s unpopular conviction resulted in the first manned air flight, in Kitty Hawk, NC. How about the faith of Anne Sullivan, in a defiant, out of control blind girl named Helen Keller, that resulted in the development of Braille and a wonderful life of service and accomplishment. Don’t forget the faith of Sir Winston Churchill, who’s famous speech “Never, Never Give Up” rallied England to endure the bombing and prevail in World War II. And certainly remember the faith of Martin Luther King Jr., who had a dream of faith that resulted in equal race equality in the United States.

Believe in what you do Have a dream

      There are thousands upon thousands of examples, of how faith has positively effected the human race and our lives. Still, faith is difficult for many to accept as a viable, intelligent concept. Here is the best, healthy definition I have found for faith.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Faith quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

But faith is often resisted vehemently. Perhaps people have some bad experience with someone who has poorly represented faith. Perhaps they have some misunderstanding of faith. Or perhaps some difficulty with applying faith has caused them a problem. But mention the word faith and look out! Fireworks are likely to erupt.

Just yesterday, I made the following statement on Twitter to inspire others.

Faith believes, before the evidence transpires. Great outcomes are born by believing in spite of challenges.  #Slamism “

Much to my surprise, I received a message back that “faith corrupts rational process.” This was ridiculous. So I told them and why I thought so. Now came the firestorm: in which I was called childish, a zealot, arrogant, ignorant, intolerant, tribal and cursed at.  Wow! Just because I encouraged others to believe and have faith…. Whew. This was a shocker. But it shouldn’t have been. For some reason the word faith engenders strong emotion. I never would have thought that it would invoke such strong emotion, even when used without any reference to God. That was a surprise. But the ensuing tongue lashing made it clear to me that faith is still causing firestorms.

Am I childish? I hope I have a little childlike faith left in me.. 😉

Am I a zealot? Yes, I am full of zeal. I must confess I am. 🙂

Am I ignorant? Read my last 300 articles or my book and decide for yourself. 🙂 [Yes, that is an unashamed marketing attempt to get you to go to Amazon & buy my book. lol / Oh, here’s the link:  ]

book cover with Amazons best of 2014 seal

Am I intolerant? No. I love people of all beliefs and persuasions, unless they mistreat me or someone I love.

Am I tribal. Yes. I belong to the tribe of mankind.

Should I be cussed at. Absolutely. That let me know for sure that I was on point with my thoughts and should not be swayed by my attacker. Furthermore, it lead me to share these thoughts with you.

So, having said all that. Back to this very important matter, for which I write this article.

Why do I believe in the concept of faith??

  1. If a child was not encouraged by faith in themselves, they would never take their first steps.

  2. If a person did not have faith in the training of a pilot or the miracles of modern avionics, they would never enter an aircraft.

  3. If you do not have faith in the fidelity of your partner, trust can never occur.

  4. Mountain climbers must learn faith in their partners, to extend the trust necessary to climb together.

  5. Race car drivers must have high levels of faith in their pit crews, to ever go on a NASCAR track.

  6. NFL quarterbacks must have faith in their receivers, to believe they will complete the routes to receive their passes.

  7. Modern day drivers must have faith in their mechanic, to go on the road with brakes they have repaired.

  8. The average home owner must have faith in the work of an electrician or they would never dare try to cut on the lights.

  9. If you didn’t have faith in the work of your carpenter, you would be afraid to step on your own front porch.

  10. I have a friend who runs a business called Mountain Challenge 2 help people see we must learn to believe in others-2 grow together.

     Therefore, it is easy to see that faith is an absolute bedrock necessity to a healthy life. I am not meddling in your personal convictions in this article. I often share what I believe,  but you may believe in whatever seems reasonable to you and I will respect you. I do not insist others to believe any given set of decrees, only that it is healthy reasonableness to see the necessity of faith.

reasonable faith

      Yes, there is an unreasonable faith. This happens when people blindly believe advice that is not good for them. The Jim Jones tragedy ( and many others authenticate that blind faith is not faith.  Healthy faith is balanced, informed and wise. It makes good, productive, enlightened decisions.

One of the greatest proponents of reason of our time-Einstein, was an active advocate for imagination, as a basis for learning. While agnostic in beliefs, He approached learning with a wisp of faith and wonder. Not only his scientific accomplishments but his approach to life inspires me.

imagination - Einstein

From an interview that was published in “The Saturday Evening Post” in 1929. &

From the book “Cosmic Religion and Other Opinions and Aphorisms” by Albert Einstein in 1931

Far from being without reason. Faith gives us reason to reason. Faith gives our reason hope. Faith causes us to reach for positive outcomes. Healthy faith is based on the best known reason that one has but goes beyond reason in its goal & scope to try new things & grow.

Faith may be a firestorm. But it is a firestorm of growth, learning, truth, promise, meaning and hope. “If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.” St. Clement of Alexandra

So, have a little faith. 🙂 Mt. 17:20

Slam image!

Call me at 336-688-7538 for me to create a Firestorm of Faith at your next event! 🙂


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