T.G.I.M. – Thank God its Monday!

If you need a little comic relief today. Or as Zig Ziglar used to say “a checkup from the neck up.” This article I previously wrote could be just the medicine you need. Thank God it’s Monday!


   Are you crazy you say? Thank God its Monday!

Have you lost your mind?  Who’s glad they have
to dig into a whole week’s work? Who’s glad for
tons of responsibilities? Who’s glad for mountains
of Headaches? Are you nuts?

     Well yes I am crazy and sometimes it helps.
And nuts and GUTS rhyme, so There ya go!  Now
that I have logically defended my position. Prepare
yourself, This week we are going to talk about having 
GUTS in daily life. And just so happens we are going to 
start today: Monday.

     Some people only live for a happy hour or some
other anticipated “magic moment to live.” Yet, I 
think we all know on some level that the magic moment
is now!  But how do we get that knowledge, not just to 
be nice sounding words on a page, and turn it into

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