What to do, when your Senior is your Junior at work.

If you are blessed to live long enough and remain in the public workforce, it is likely that you will have to work for someone younger than you; at some point in your career.  According to a 2012 survey by the CareerBuilder website, 34% of workers reported that they currently work for a younger boss. This situation can cause an unhelpful disdain for your work superior, unless you approach the situation in the right way. Here are some tips on how to do that.

  • Remember how you knew everything at a younger age. There is vision, confidence and decisiveness in youth. Appreciate this. Do not minimize its value. Remember your own worth at that age and give proper credit to younger colleagues. They may be on to something and have a new knowledge and idea that you need to be aware of.

  • Keep your mind on your own job; your proper accomplishment of the task assigned you, is your duty. Keep your focus on that; not what the other guy should be doing (be they your Senior or Junior).

  • Commit yourself to private mentoring. You can help a younger colleague; even if he is your Senior in business. Derive value in helping him / her develop and maximize their career.

  • Concentrate on being an asset to your bosses style and do not focus on their age. To win in the workplace, a large component of your success will depend on maximized performance and profit. Keep your mind on the benefit that the organization will receive, if you are effective at synergizing with your superior’s professional work habits.

  • workplace effectiveness synergy working together

  • Laugh a lot. A bright countenance will help you and help them. Lighten up, it will help you both and keep the workplace enjoyable.

  • Remember that jealousy and envy is a character defect. Ask God for help daily. Replace these poor qualities, with acceptance.

  • Have the wisdom that should come along with your age. Junior exec.’s will seek you out, if they know you have senior experience and a good attitude.Use that moment unselfishly to benefit them and your company or organization.

  • Get gratification from your own accomplishments but do not continually mention them in the work place. Nobody cares what you used to be. This hurts but it is real. Find rewards & meaning in what you do right now.

  • Be relevant right now. Make a contribution today. The way to feel good about your own efforts is when you are doing something good. The hand may not be the brain but the body works better when it has a hand. If you are the hand. Be a good hand. Don’t try to be the brain, unless it is your job.

  • On the other hand, do not be shy to bring your own good ideas forward. Let your positive experience benefit the organization. Get your mind off you and on the profit, of your business or company.

  • If your idea is not appreciated. So what. Don’t dwell on it. Think of something better. Go on with your work. Come back to it later, if and when it makes sense. You are old enough to know that timing is everything.

  • Remember, he is the boss. The buck in this case stops there, not here.  Give your Senior official, the proper respect for his role and title.

  • Have an attitude of gratitude. Do not focus on what you do not have but on what you do. Be thankful today.

  • Be an exceptional human being. Regardless of your position, shine with value and worth. Know who you are  in your own heart and mind. Do not seek acknowledgement from others, that can only come from your own experience and knowledge.

  • Do not minimize what you do. You may not be at the top of the chart but still be more valuable than others, to your organization. Look at all the downsizing that is going on in our world. Yet, often the real valuable guys in a company are not the top dogs. Most times, there are work hands that nobody is willing to let go, unless they are forced, by poor economy.  Be an employee of essential and critical value and demonstrate it, by the excellence of your work.

  • An old dog CAN learn new tricks. We are not dogs. Be flexible. Roll with the punches. What you are doing today may not necessarily be what you do tomorrow.  You can shock people with your adaptability, as long as you do not get stuck in ruts.

  • Work on accepting criticism. You may need it. It you think you are above it, you probably do need it.

  • Seniors whether older or younger can be butt holes. (Yes, I said that!) Do not join them. Their problems are their problems. Try to help them, unless they are trying to hurt you.  Then, do what age has taught you and do not let their inexperience cause you to have a lapse in judgement. Let your knowledge help you stay above the petty and concentrate on your own worth, not the belittlement of others.

  • Do not give up on your own career path. Your best days may still be in front of you; with a good attitude, proper training and hard work. [If you haven’t read the story of Colonel Sanders & Kentucky fried chicken; read it. If you have; read it again]. You are not whipped, until you give up.

  • Pray for those in authority over you. This may be hard for some of you. But I guarantee you, if you will do it. It will not only benefit them. It will benefit you.

  • Last but not least. Make Today Great! It is the only day you have.

  • Have you considered using "Slam" as a Power-House speaker at your next event? 336-688-7538

    Have you considered using “Slam” as a Power-House speaker at your next event? 336-688-7538

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