Tolerant acceptance vs. finger pointing

Acceptance is a key to a happy life. We must accept people like they are. And we must accept life circumstances as they are, or we will never find serenity. I am not talking about moral cowardice or apathy. But buckets of sweat and fret are often shed, about issues that we either can not change or that it is none of our business to judge.

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In the Bible, the story is told of a woman caught in adultery. The religious custom of the time, in that part of the world was to stone people caught in this act. The surrounding religious leaders sought to use the situation to trap Jesus, in a bad answer because they knew that he did not want to see the woman condemned to their mockery of justice. In order to diffuse the situation, Jesus in His wisdom said the following; “let the one of you who has never sinned throw the first stone.”

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Jesus’s action dispersed the crowd. Because each one watching was forced to admit their own mistakes. And so it is today with onlookers who seem to find plenty of time to accuse and point fingers at others, while neglecting to accept and address the abundant failures of their own. Accepting the foibles  and limitations of others is necessary if we are to have a just perspective, because we have our own weaknesses to admit and deal with.

There are times when human beings are called on to judge others. But most times, Judgement is better left in the hands of God. We will do better to look at our own faults and look for the good in others. It is true that when we point a finger at someone else, two are pointing back at us. The greatest height of spiritual accomplishment I have ever found has not been addressing the weaknesses of those around me. But honestly admitting faults of my own and letting the holy searchlight of God strengthen me, to overcome them.

So my prayer for us today is that God help us accept the world around us as it is, and others the way, they are.  May He help us to concentrate on solving our own character defects. And examine our own hearts and lives, more than we judge the condition of others. God, help us avoid the futility of worrying about situations that we can not control and trust You to help us repair the situations (in us), over which we have the awesome power of choice and transformation. 

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