What to do when your goals get cold!

It happens to all of us, even the most positive thinking, if they will tell you the whole truth. I guarantee you, if I could ask Zig Ziglar and I can’t because he’s no longer with us; that he would tell you that there were times when his goals seemed distant.

And since this is the beginning of February, perhaps by now the goals that you made on New Year’s Day seem far away. What to do? Therefore I write this article.

Number 1, Remember the good of your original goal. Why did you set it in the first place? Was it a good goal? Was it a realistic goal? Learning to reevaluate and retweak our goals is as important as making them in the first place.

goal setting1

Number 2, Maybe the goal is a good goal. But it’s just the timing that is amiss. We can have great goals. Goals that are within our ability to reach. But if we expect the attainment of those goals in a time frame that makes no sense, we can not expect fulfillment.

Take another look at not only what the goal is but when you expect to attain the goal. Maybe it is not the target that needs to be changed but only the timing.


ideal moment perfect timing


Number 3, Sometimes our goals need an overhaul but this also is OK. It happens to the best that their goals are well intended but really misguided. This is hard to admit. But it happens. Generally, even when it does, there is some good that we need to go back and rephrase and reframe into a more proper and well aimed goal.

Number 4, Perhaps the goal lacks personal focus. Sometimes we have gotten great ideas from others but have not properly fit them to our own talents, abilities and desires. This is good to realize before you delve too deeply into the work. The problem with aiming for someone else’s goals is that you will miss your own.

Number 5, Perhaps the goal is great but your approach is wrong. A plane can be aiming for the right runway but failure to approach correctly can be disastrous. This realization is also good news, because generally it just means that we need more information, education and a little different strategy.

Number 6, Maybe the goal is grand and even achievable but you have not planned enough support mechanisms. No mountain climber would try to climb Mount Everest, without a tremendous amount of planning, conditioning and provisions.  If you have a good goal, then plan for success and achieve the goal, by strengthening your performance with supportive structure.

Number 7, Human beings are a trichotomy. We are a spirit, have a mind and live in a body. Attaining our goals healthily must include a plan to synergize our best output. A daily focus time, when the primary aim is concentrating on that which is in your own good and welfare is an absolute essential. If you have not already, adopt such a daily focus time and watch your performance improve and the attainment of your goals increase..

Number 8, Do not be afraid to ask for help. First of all, do not forget the benefit of prayer in achieving your goals and plans, as every day, you consult the wisdom of God. Also do not be shy to ask others with experience, knowledge and training in Field relevant to your goals to please help you with their insights and assistance. Don’t forget the best way to get a “no” is not to ask.

I know these ideas will help you in evaluating, re-targeting and achieving your goals, if you will apply them.. ….  Slam-

Quote: Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.” – Zig Ziglar

Slam image!






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