Man and Womankind’s high estate & calling

     Many people mistake humiliation for humility. Should you find the wherewithal to accomplish the grandest accomplishments in the annals of mankind, it will only bring pleasure to God, AS LONG AS your goal is to bring honor and glory to Him. So the message from this messenger is that you should: Take pride in what you do. When we do our best, it honors God by showing Him that we appreciate what He has given us!

reaching high

    The truth is that there are no common men. The estate of manhood is an in the image of God proposition. The late Dr. Francis Schaeffer penned the words “There are no little people. There are not small places.” God means for each of our journeys to be significant and meaningful. Man’s saga is meant to be a moving journey full of mystery, marvel and dynamic adventure. 

What is man natures grand plan

The work of the great dreamer is often a lonely vigil blessed with hard moments and deep sacrifices. Yet, the art creation must be drawn, whether anyone sees it or not. The literary work must be written, whether the audience finds it in the author’s life time or not. Such is the compulsion of the artist, author, creator and dreamer.

If you must create, you must create! It is like the allure of the ocean to a seaman. You must voyage whether or not, others sense the call. It calls your name with a moving sense of destiny. You must fulfill it, because it is in you! The dream must come forth. Melville’s classic Moby Dick didn’t achieve commercial success & notoriety until after Melville’s death & so it often is with the dreamer. The call is strong. The mission is moving. The desire is compelling. You must give in to the high call of its celestial chords, to find peace and fulfillment in this life.

Herman Melville's Classic Moby Dick Movie In the heart of the sea

My sister Detra was a magnificent artist. I have her inspirations all over my home. Her work still inspires me with awe! She was driven to create works of art and sculpture. She was driven to write. I have four of her novels that I hope to publish, posthumously for her. The Makers mark was on her!

And that’s the way it is. The greatest thing you can do, is what you must do! It is your divine duty to give vent to the mark of the eternal on your soul. So my message is: Sing your song if no one but God listens. Your passionate heartsong is the fingerprint of God. Sing the celestial melody. Give expression to the passion of your soul. Live up to your divine potential and give the glory to God, for your creations.

what is man scriptures promise of our divine calling

Slam image!

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