New Years Goals Are Best Built from good daily plans!

It is easy to set goals for the new year, if you are daily evaluating, targeting and stretching to be all you can be with your life. More than just adopting certain goals in the new year; Adopt a daily mindset to try to focus and be all you can each day.

I literally have a “Daily Focus Time” where matters of spirit, soul & psyche are my primary concern. These daily targeting times are the seed-bed of where my personal growth occurs.

You can make elaborate, sophisticated impressive goals but if they are not in line with your heart; they will not pan out. And even if they do, they will not be for your good. Resolutions are only good if they are Real Solutions.

One year recently, my growth was so in transition and flux that it was impossible to detail in words, the coming New Year Plans. Nonetheless, my internal purpose was clear and I really achieved my aims that year. Spelling them out in impressive, mathematical formula was not as important, as having them deeply ingrained in my thinking and outlook. I guess what I am saying is: It is more important to have goals congruent with where you really want to go; Than it is to have fancy looking, articulate plans that really aren’t on target with your internal values.

Good New Year Plans best result from solid daily living and healthy Aims. New Years Resolutions should be like the Naturally occurring fruit from plants, you have been cultivating and nurturing all year.

New Years Goals Are Best Built from good daily plans!



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For Guts Is The Key readers that have followed my work for some time; Here are some links to previous articles. Articles that reveal more about my process in coming to today’s thoughts about New Year planning and resolutions.


2017 Targeting

1 – Revitalize Morning focus time with new materials.

2 – Write “Dear Life” book. To publisher by September.

3 – Karate related: Continue diet already proving effective. Lose 20+ more lbs. Video kata and Kihon Ippon Kumite. New gym membership. (Lunch at work)

4 – Hire storage building emptied.

5 – Income growth plan through Vann York, publishing expansion and personal business development.

6 – Refinance house.

7- Pursue co- vocational ministry.

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