Dear gutsisthekey Friends.

This introduction is aimed to help my friends enhance your own “New Year’s Resolutions.” It is designed to help you get more out of this 1x per year targeting.  

 The second part of this BEAM is more for me than you but I have included it, in case it helps you, to see how I utilize these concepts.

   For years, I have debated about the value or waste of time of New Year’s Resolutions. But about 5 years ago, I developed the core belief that visioning is a deep part of every progressive life. Therefore, I decided to do a better job of it.  Some of what I have learned in my own pursuit of this New Year Visioning; I will share here, in hopes that it helps you.

   Firstly, in order to get any definite gain out of New Year’s Resolutions; I think the term Resolution needs to be replaced. Having a pretty solid background in theology and psychology; I know that sudden emotional changes are not always lasting. When change comes about as a part of what Steve Covey calls a paradigm shift, it tends to be more solid.  And to achieve such complete inside and out, lasting change; the word “purposing” works better than declarations of resolution.

   Secondly, in order to achieve any real measure of success; this year-end task must be defined. There are many types of year-end evaluations that can take place. Spiritual, Marital, Professional and health related, just to name a few. So, you can have a general overall view that covers everything. And you can have individualized year-end reviews; organized by topic. Both are important. Yet, the only one, I am dealing with here is an overall statement of purpose. Addressing our biggest areas of need are generally the thrust, of most constructive, year end reviews.

   For New Years Purposes to make any real difference in your life; they need to deal with internal issues. Not just what everyone else sees or what you see that will make you look different to everyone else. But more than that, these purposes need to focus on what really matters in your life.  Ask yourself, what is important to you.? What change would really make a difference in the way that you feel about yourself? Let this New Year’s targeting not only be a launch pad for the new year but a launch pad for a new you.

   I am known to be a pretty good shot. One thing that I have learned about aim, from shooting a rifle is that you must aim for the essence of a thing to hit it.  You do not aim for the outside rings of a target. You aim for the bullseye. Concentrating all of your intensity for the absolute ideal of what you want to achieve will help you hit the bullseye. And even if you miss the bullseye; you will still hit the target. So in your new years analysis, identify the clearest achievement that you seek. This clear vision will keep you on course for your target. Making sure that you see the target clearly and aim perfectly in the first place goes a long way towards helping you attain your goal.

   Also, do not look at your goals as something that has to be 100% attainable in the coming year. Good goals are like a good cake. They have layers. If you attain a certain measure of success in a given area. You are likely to need to keep that goal in next year’s targets and just work on a deeper layer.

  Our world is so full of lies and deceit that often we have them, inside us. Often if is not that we have lied to ourselves but that we have sold ourselves on 1/2 truths.   To attain a significant benefit from the exercise of a year-end review; you must be rigorously honest with yourself.  The house is no stronger than the foundation. It you want to attain real & lasting positive change; you must be honest with yourself about where you are at and who you really are.

   Before you launch into “New Year’s Purposing;” go ahead and pre-decide that you will do it again next year. This takes the unrealistic heat off of you, to feel that you have failed if you don’t 100% achieve your targets in the coming year. Look at this, as a job evaluation. An annual evaluation that includes periodic checks.  Oh and by the way, you need to print this thing  & look at it regularly. No use to do it, if it is next year this time before you look at it again. It should not only be a starting point but a measuring stick…..  When I was a little boy, my mother took a yard stick and made marks on the back of the closet door every so often to show me how I was growing. I loved this. You will feel better about this year end aiming, if you measure up from time to time and see your progress.

   Another way to look at the benefit of this task is to consider it for what it really is; an inventory = a personal inventory. It is a time to assess your strengths and address your weaknesses.  Which brings me to another important point. Don’t be afraid to adjust the plan, as you go. These things are seldom edicts handed down from Mt. Sinai from God. So it is OK, if you have to change then plan because something went differently than you expected.   —– What business would succeed if there was not a regular accounting of inventory? None. Even so, our lives are healthier if we take what Zig Ziglar called check ups from the neck up.  An annual review is a great way to make sure we are doing this.

   Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask others about this planning. The older and wiser I become with God’s help; the more I realize that life is not just about me. We often can not see things about ourselves that we really need to see. Ask others around you for real opinions about what you are considering. [Be prepared to appreciate what they say; even when you don’t like it.] —– Not only should you involve others in the formation of this targeting but you should utilize this targeting to bless others. Life is about relationships. Relating with God. Relating with our spouses. Relating with our family. Relating with our colleagues. Relating with our community. Shouldn’t we let our personal targeting challenge us to not only improve ourselves but also, our relationships? Furthermore, involving others in your personal growth will not only help you be a blessing to them but it will give you a measure of accountability. Good friends hold you to your word. Good friends tell you the truth, when others wont. They will help you in this process of self evaluation and improvement if you let them.

   Finally, go ahead and pre-decide now to measure your results at the end of the year. Also, go ahead and pre-decide to do a new targeting for next year based on the results of the year ahead. If you are a day early or late; who cares? This is for your own good. Doctor’s orders; take your medicine.

   May God bless you as you assess what you did right and wrong last year and help you be honest with yourself. May God help you see what you need to do in the coming year. That is what “New Year’s Resolutions (Purposing)” ought to help you do.




A- Summary – Purposes about last year & year to come..

A1…  2011 – A Year that literally brought me to my knees. A year of starting over for me. 

            A lot of foundations laid in life this year that were a long time in the making.

A2…  2012 – Purpose = Personal Improvement. Think straight. Do right.

            Simple, Solid, Sure. Stay the course.         

B – How did I do last year?  2011 – Inventory

B1…  I am going to simplify my life in 2011; 

    Did. but more by accident than on purpose; at least in 1st part of year

B2…  by letting go of unimportant things and enjoying my daily life. 
   Did. Same as above.

B3…  live single-mindedly and concentrate on the only real moment; Today!
   Learned how I have never really done this. Really developed in this area.

B4…  focus on the tasks at hand. 
   Better, still too easily distracted. Applied focus & Exact principles of execution, my new catch phrase.

B5…  live wholeheartedly and give my best each day. 
   Some days, yes. Some days, no. Needs to be a part of the rest of my life. Not  just an annual commitment.

B6…  I will walk and exercise more and worry less. 
   Great improvement here. But more by surprise than plan. Karate has replaced walking. A good thing.

B7…  I will focus on the important, with all my effort.   
   Wordy, unclear goal. Will lose it next year

B8…  I will stretch for growth and be positive, determined and looking
  for new possibilities. I will rise above difficulties and win. 
   Got my tail beat this year & found it was a good thing & what I needed. This is an absurd “of course” goal. Will lose it in 2012.

B9…  In order to do this, I will daily pray and exercise. 
   Praying more than ever in my life. Exercise improving, because of karate.   

B10..  My daily, rigorous exercise will be directed towards: a) a deeper 
   relationship with God and b) better health. I will show love to my
   wife daily. I will eat healthy and reduce my weight. 
    Duhhh. Another “Of course” thing.. Up & Down in my achievement in 2011. Will rework this 2012.

B11..  I will read regularly, for enjoyment and enrichment. 
    2011 saw the advent of my BEAM (blogsite) & massive online reading. This happened.

B12..  I will turn these simple tasks into habits and turn the good habits into routine. 

B13..  I will require less and enjoy more, regardless of need or plenty.   
   Yeah… Did this. This has become a big thing to me. Will continue 2012. ACCEPTANCE is the key.   

B14..  I will simplify in 2011; while working on being single minded, 
  whole-hearted and stretching to achieve. 
   Yeah.. & I became a rocket scientist in 2011.. Sounds good but unclearly aimed. Just Happens
     with clearer, less “do everything all at once ridiculous goals.”

B15..  2011 will be the year that  I enjoy good daily habits and balance 
  goals into a lifestyle. 
   Words not focused….  Did ok. Cause I concentrated more on specifics.  This trend will continue.

C. What do I intend to do next year.  Purposes for 2012 –


C1..  Improvement = Expansion or contraction is ok.  Add or let go of the right things.

C2..  One day at a time, only real moment of life is now. Dumb up. 

C3..  Focus on tasks at hand. What will I do? How will I do it? Exact Principles of Execution.

C4..  Practice Living wholeheartedly through daily commitment, service & review.

C5..  Daily exercise. Advance my karate skills & my karate school.

C6..  Eat on purpose. Do not over eat.

C7..  Don’t pray to live. Live to pray. Stay the course with God. 

C8..  Improve showing daily love to wife. Commit, serve, review daily.

C9..  Educational improvement: Develop BEAM, Finish Book, Develop Team-play synergies.

C10..  Require less & Be More. Acceptance & Activity. Practice both = St. Francis daily evaluation. 

C11..  Time is short. Do. Don’t just say. // Grow deep friendships with strategic partners.

C12..  Vision Board, Way to Grow, while staying in moment. Expansion by extrusion. 

C13..  Professional & income growth work daily. (Not the target. A target)

C14..  Continue to Preach, Speak & Minister as God makes plain.

C15..  Enjoy more hunting & fishing.

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