Tribute to my father John W. Carter Sr.

 I wrote this article about my father this past year in July. I wrote it to my facebook friends as a tribute to my father JOHN W. Carter Senior. I recently realized that I had not put this article here on Guts Is The Key for my readers. So I’m going to fix that. Here it is now. By the way, there is one other article in this site about my father. Search it out by the tag with his name and you can find it. It’s a good read too about a great man.

 July 21, 2015…… My father John W. Carter Sr. died 17 years ago today at 78 on the day before his 79th birthday. He was 39 when he had me. He lived 39 more years after he had me. And I was 39 when he died. My father’s lessons continue to guide me today. He was a strong, tough, solid, good, hard-working, wise man. He fought for the underdog. He didn’t like fluff. If he liked you, he would fight for you if you were the lowliest of men and if everyone else was against you. If you lied to him or made the mistake of trying to take advantage of him, he would stomp your hind end, even if you called yourself a preacher. He was a man, when men were still men. I can remember my father climbing poles 24/7 to get everyone else’s power back on in fierce storms, before there were all these OSHA safety regulations.. Dad put the lights in Cushwa Stadium and Hi-Tom stadium, when they were still giant wood poles. He literally saved my life from drowning at least twice. And by teaching me his keen insights, probably quite a few times more than that. I saw my father do things that other men would not dream to do, on a regular basis. He could fix everything, mechanical, woodworking, electrical, plumbing, welding and etc. He is the only man that I never saw fear in. If he had it, I couldn’t see it. He made his dreams come true through hard work with his hands, dedication, uncanny intelligence, conservative values but standing up for the common man. He taught me to shoot, fish and hike. He could name every tree in the forest. He was a tree surgeon on the weekends and knew everything it seemed, about them. Dad always had a garden. I guess that is why I love them so much today. He was a man of the earth, who had a deep faith that he showed more than he talked about. I never had to have athletes or someone out in the world for a hero. My hero was always at home. I will never forget sitting on my father’s knee trying to bend those seemingly steel fingers, as a child. I will never forget him coming to all my ball games and wrestling matches. Hard to explain but I feel like he is with me, still today… I remember driving all night from Florida and getting to spend the last morning of his life with him; when he suddenly fell dead in my son’s Timothy Johnathan Carter’s arms at lunch, in his workshop. My daughter TeNae Velynne Carter was very little but was there too and had spent the morning, letting Pop Pop drive her on his tractor to the garden. I will never forget trying to give him CPR on the hard concrete shop floor and somehow feeling Dad hovering behind me watching with pride, as I tried to bring him back to us. My brother wrote me this week with memories of my dad. We share often, about how he still influences us today. I treasure his thoughts about this giant of a man. Neither of us will never forget ……………… John Woodard Carter Sr. I celebrate him today.

John W. Carter Sr.



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