The Tide and The New Day

The start of a new day holds the wonder of a new tide,
in its flow, new opportunities and dangers abide,
We can not control how the majestic flow will behave,
Only how we will surf and adapt to the strength of the wave.strong wave in the tide at the ocean

The new tide is regular and absolutely sure,
It’s new gifts of life, an answer and faithful soul cure,
Each day it deposits new gifts in the sand,
demonstrating the love of a great caretaker’s hand.

poetry_of_waves_1 ocean tide

Myriads of living things thrive in its wake,
Secure in the foamy crest, it rolls in for our sake.
What will it bring in its crescendo of power?
We only find out by letting it wash us, each hour.

ocean waves surf

So engage the day as a regal flowing friend,
Knowing its rushing waves carry life within.
Look forward to this day, as a joyous new tide.
That carries the the things around you, that you need inside.

Dolphins jumping in the ocean

Don’t just watch the waves, from an observer’s view,
Get in them sometimes and find what’s there for you.
Yes, the gift of the tide is like the gift of the day;
full of mysteries of life and a flowing bouquet.

new life in a tide pool ocean



Tim happy

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