Out of Body Dream; A Foretaste.

Out of Body Dream; A Foretaste.

I had a very moving dream last night. I have never experienced anything like it before. It was like I was in a giant dark room. I was in a place with a lot of people around me. There were very evil and powerful spirit type beings around us. I have had to deal with these very unpleasant forces before. They were ominous, threatening and controlling everything.
Somehow in the dream, I sensed that in order to prevail in this dream, that I had to let go, to listen to the feeling or call that I had inside my heart. Really let go. So in the dream, I Let Go. Completely. When I did, I left my body. I realized I had died. And at first I was very frightened. But I had that same sense that I had to let go and Trust for everything to be okay. I went along with the leading to trust. So I let go more. And even more free, I became.
I knew life was behind me. I felt like a feather in the Wind. I had no form or substance. And yet I was there. I had no shape And yet I had being. I was there but I had no body. Nothing in this life mattered anymore.
Everything was clear and light. It was like being in a bright cloud. Nothing that had happened before in life was important. Only this new sense of freedom and peace. I was aware that I was moving. I was alone but I was not alone. I felt happy and exhilarated. The more I relaxed and trusted, the more I knew everything had changed and nothing would ever be the same. But that was ok. I felt in a strange way like a baby in a cradle. I was being cared for. I had no idea where I was going but it was alright. I seem to be floating. No, more like flying and it was as if I was going somewhere. I was moving and the sense of being completely free and unfettered increased.
I had The realization that everything was released. That Nothing Was the Same. And everything was new. It was an overwhelming all-encompassing realization. It was real. I knew that the previous life was over. And that this was my state of being now. The release became so ecstatic and joyful that I had no desire to go back. And yet at that very moment it was a voice but not a voice that came to me. It was a command but more like a strong but good instruction that I understood and was willing to comply. I trusted this voice. It was a direction, I was willing to go along with. I was told that I must go back. And I did, in a flash.
Immediately I was thrust back into my body again. And I was in this cold dark ominous place that I had left before. These menacing Spirit beings or whatever they were we’re still present and threatening. I felt them. But I had no fear in me now. And I stood up boldly in Jesus name and contended with these Spirit beings knowing that I was not alone and completely unafraid. I could feel spiritual victory happening even in the midst of this conflict. the dream was more real than life itself, it seemed.
I felt strong chest pains and the thought occurred to me maybe I really did die. I woke up and the dream was ended. I woke my wife Dawn up and told her about it. It was more Vivid then than it is now. It seemed more real than life itself. And that life is the illusion and that what had just happened to me was the real, reality.

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