My business turned into God’s business today!


So I really needed to come to a little town called Westfield to visit one of my customers. So when the opportunity arose to deliver some materials up there, to get the customer out of a jam. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. And visit my customer and deliver these materials all the same time. I had to go right by Winston Salem. Hadn’t been there in a while. Saw beautiful sights along the way, including Pilot Mountain on a pretty day. And Tammy Gaymon Snow, I had to go right by the Pilot Mountain Meeting house, picture attached. Brought back memories of preaching for you guys. And. Then you have to go to the country, and then go on to the wilderness to get to my customer. Lol but really. They have actually converted an old school building into their business. Very nice facility and great work that they do. And then straight across from their business is a beautiful scene right past a little barn across the mountains. It’s been a beautiful day to need to do this business trip.

Sometimes, I get in a spiritual Funk and don’t know why. It seems like the heavens are brass and I can’t get a clear spiritual connection. It is then that the Lord is most merciful. When I feel like I am at an impasse and cannot find a solution and am just plain stuck. It is in those times that Jesus invariably shows up, in a way that you know that couldonly have been God, with Divine Direction. But this seems to happen most often, when my own resources and power to figure things out have failed. And the new, fresh meaning is then most clearly an act and demonstration of His Mercy, Grace and love that I would not have otherwise known.

Along these lines, God gave me some clear Direction this morning, about remembering to seek Him, even when I’m in the Valley. And remembering to stay spiritually connected and in tune, even when it does not seem that things are happening. That I will miss the fresh breath and direction of His Spirit, if I do not stay closely tuned in. And that I should never cease to seek the sweet breath of His Spirit, in my daily life. God assured me, That He will continue to reveal Himself to me, all the way; along the rest of my journey of life. And that He is not finished with me yet. What an encouraging word from the Lord. It was just what I needed in a deep way.

Thank you Lord for Your fresh touch this morning! As this happened On the way back I saw another really cool Mountain. Then I also saw a place called Vade Mecum, in Hanging Rock park. Interesting; it’s a different place than the Vade Mecum that I know of with the same name, through a fellowship meeting with some friends. Also, I saw a Little Country Church, with a really cool sign about being thankful.

I came up here for my business. But God had His Own business to conduct with me. 🙂



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