As you’ve done it unto the least, you’ve done it unto Jesus!

While I do believe in the criminal justice system. And I’m very thankful for our law enforcers and officers. I also believe in rehabilitation. I know there are career criminals. But there are many, many, many that can be redeemed and have new lives.

My mother Louise actively worked in the Yokefellow prison ministry in the Sandy Ridge camp while she was alive. She spearheaded the effort to get a chaplain in that facility. She regularly had inmates visiting our home. And I certainly just about became one myself. I went to reform school when I was 14. And had a heck of a time getting my life straight. God showed unusual mercy and Grace in my life, or I would have spent my life incarcerated or possibly died long before now.

So I don’t think we should lock people away in jail and throw away the key. Many may disagree and that’s okay. But I have found the amazing power of Christ can change troubled lives. But often, we are Jesus hands and feet and He wants to use us to reach them. With the exception of this time of isolation because of covid-19, I encourage you, if the Lord lays it on your heart; to see what you can do to make a difference in the life of some troubled soul, who needs a little love and encouragement to find their way back on the right path of life.

There’s been enough years passed between me and the life troubles that haunted me with so many habits, addictions and personally destructive problems… That I can mention these things knowing that I am delivered, sane, free and happy. And even though we’re having to socially separate currently, we should never forget a simple call to care. A simple note to encourage. There are so many things that we can do 2 help other people, in their lives.

Jesus spoke of healing 10 men and only one returned to thank Him. And the way I want to thank Jesus for saving my life is by thanking Him through reaching others.

The biggest difficulty here is that you may never see, the good that you do. The one you helped and inspired to live a better life doesn’t make it in the headlines with a personally caused disaster destroying their life. So you just have to know in your heart that the good that you do makes a difference, whether you hear about it or not.

Jesus said as you do it to the least of these, you’ve done it unto Me. Let’s not forget to reach out to those who have stumbled and Fallen. Remember Jesus got more pleasure, in going after the one that was lost than tending the 99 that were safe.

I haven’t seen my mama in 32 years. But somehow I feel that if she can see, she is happy that so much of her heart of reaching out to others, still lives in me.

Jesus saving the Lost lamb

Louise Carter 1925-1983


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