G.U.T.S. (4) Griping Underestimates The Source

Dear Guts Is The Key Reader; in my thoughts about gratitude and Thanksgiving on this day. I decided to do a review of what I have already written about the subject. These thoughts jumped out at me. So I decided to refresh & reBEAM them for you, on this ThanksGiving day.

G.U.T.S. #4 – Griping Underestimates The Source –

God can help us with anything.  Yet many times, we limit His Spiritual provision for us, by discontent.  Complaining does not move The Power above or within, to come to our aid.

     When Jesus was to be captured as part of the plot to destroy Him; one of Jesus’s companions drew his sword to protect Christ from these attackers, whom would become His captors.  Jesus corrected his companion of their seeming good but violent intention and healed the ear of His assailant. (I would have probably cut off the other ear too. Boy, do I have a lot to learn!)

     Jesus understood that His Heavenly Father had more power than His attackers and depended on His spiritual resources, not just His earthly means. He was not looking for a physical solution to the problem but a spiritual one.

     In Matthew 26:53 Jesus said: Don’t you realize that I could ask my Father for thousands of angels to protect us, and he would send them instantly?

     Through the whole course of His mockery of a trial, beatings and even crucifixion; Jesus did not berate His attackers or resort to the seeming justified right to complain.  Even in such horrific moments, he did not underestimate the Source of power, which was available to Him.

     He saw beyond the cross to the resurrection and He knew he had to go through the unbearable to get there. And amazingly, He did so, without complaining.

     Wow. Our skin is so tender compared to Jesus. Let life things get a little tough, uncomfortable or unpleasant and our devotion often turns to backward motion.  Often we are “looking a gift horse in the mouth” and the very events that God has designed to bless us with peace and strength, we fight with resistance, while complaining and being disgruntled.  God can’t work through us, because we are too busy listening to our own grumpy attitude.

     In Galatians 5 of the New Testament a solution is prescribed to what Zig Ziglar called “stinking thinking” or what is referred to in this passage of scripture as “fruits of the flesh.” The solution proposed in this great text of truth is to replace fleshly fruits, with spiritual fruit. Or as Jesus did; in the moment of His abduction! Trust Our Eternal Power Source more than our temporal means.

     No matter what we face, griping and complaining will not make it better.   It takes spiritual attitudes to deal with everyday problems and aggravations effectively.  When we replace these poor qualities of mind and attitude with kindness and with gratitude; not only do we feel better … but our capacity to receive spiritual blessing improves.

     Griping Underestimates The Source! Replace it with singing, dancing, smiling, skipping, playing, humming, praying  and thanking. If you do, you will see the negative situation work out better.

     Some difficulties in our life need surgery; not a band-aid. Learning not to gripe so much and to be more thankful is one of these issues. We all need to work on it.  So, Here is a link to another BEAM on the subject, to further drive the point home and help us gripe less and Thank more.


     May this ThanksGiving Day truly be one that causes us to have more grateful hearts and joyous lives!

Tim at a meeting

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