My life = A Spiritual Mission

     Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. Sorry for not having written in over a week. It is not that I don’t have plenty of inspiration. It is just that I have been incredibly busy working. But I am not complaining I am thankful. I like to work.

     Often I think I would reach a wider audience, if I did not insist on writing on spiritual topics; in addition to my sales training efforts. But alas, I have to.. I can no more not write on spiritual things, than a frog can be healthy and stop jumping. It is who I am and what I have to do.

frog jumping

      Which brings me to the essence of tonight’s BEAM; My life = A Spiritual Mission. / What do I mean by this and why would it be important to you? The following thoughts are designed to answer those two questions.

     One of the reasons why I believe that churches are typically in poor attendance today and spiritual matters seem to be waning in the United States is the lack of the genuine. I know for sure, that if you discover the reality of the spiritual dynamic; it must radically influence your life.  – The spiritual dimension does not seem to greatly influence a lot of people today. So, I guess the inescapable conclusion is that many have not really discovered the spiritual dimension, of life.

     What do I mean by radical influence. Well I write this as the finale of American Idol is on TV; because this article is more important to me,tonight. [I am not saying that anyone should have missed American Idol. That is not my point.] I am just saying that if the spiritual realm has meaningfully impacted your life; there will be clear evidences.

American Idol

     For me; my make-up is as follows. I live in a body. I have a mind. But I am a spirit. A being whose luminosity exceeds the material world. A being whose origins exist in The Almighty. A soul whose principle life can not be defined only by physical or mental reality.

      For me that identity is further refined by a relationship with Jesus. And that relationship adds value, guidance, moral structure and behavioral impact to this spiritual make-up. I respect others, of other opinions but gladly share Christ with those who need spiritual revelation and discovery.

Jesus says; Let my little children come unto Me.

Jesus says; Let my little children come unto Me.

     The way that this spiritual conviction becomes a spiritual mission for me is the way that God offers to indwell us. And He keeps that promise in my life. It is Indescribable, how God can be Above us sovereign-ly and yet in us completely but if we yield willingly, it can be true. It is for me.

     Yes, I too have doubts and fears. It is just that they are tendered and healed by the touch of the Divine. Sometimes when I have my greatest doubts is exactly when God Amazes me with His guiding wisdom and flows through me with His encouraging Spirit. It was in one such moment recently that I heard The Master whisper to me: “You have planted many good seeds.” And this sweet assurance fills me with the hope that because of The Holy Spirit, I make a difference. In fact that is what is all about. Me, fulfilling my Spiritual mission and trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

in the spirit

     Christ painted the picture of the ultimate life in the way He lived; serving God & serving others before self. His life was the perfect example of spiritual mission. He proved that The only thing that can defeat you, if you will not stay down is nothing…. Because even in death we can prevail with courage. The life of Jesus and many other great servants of God and man have proved this through the course of history.

     One thing that prevents people from discovering and adopting their own spiritual mission is that they can not see how it will turn out. Good Vision can not always see the end of the path but it can see the next step. Spiritual mission does not always mean that you see the whole picture but that you have enough faith, to make the next stroke of your brush mean something.

We should not be afraid to take the next stroke, just because we can not see how the work will turn out.

We should not be afraid to take the next stroke, just because we can not see how the work will turn out.

     If we see this spiritual mission as the grand work of art, that God means for us to see it as; we will aim to paint our most beautiful creation with the brush strokes of life. My sister Detra was the greatest artist I have ever known. Yet, in comparison to the greatness of her work; she was not greatly known. Yet her work grandly changed me and her daring heart, ever willing to design, create and invent was indomitable. Your greatest dream should be to be all u can possibly be and if it is a good dream; you will translate it into action, like Detra did. In the end of life, it may be all that matters.

Detra Smiling in Car

My precious sister Detra, smiling as she fought a fatal bout with cancer.

     I remember that in Detra’s demise in her fight with cancer, she held her head regally high. She demonstrated to me her sense of spiritual mission, even in the end of life. Courage does not always know if it is going to win but if it believes the cause is worthy and the timing right; it fights anyway. She proved this to me and I intend to keep the heart of her lesson, in my own life.

     But you may say, of course you have this spiritual mission; you have been trained in the Bible and Theology. Ahhhh! But my friend, I did not discover the realness of God in this way alone. My Quaker faith makes a primary tenet the availability of God to all and the willingness of God to reveal Himself equally to all, who seek and ask. God offers a holy searchlight to His messengers to B able see the truth of a situation when it is empirically unknowable. He can fill you with a knowing that is beyond your capacity to figure out. I see this wisdom, because He lovingly gives this Spiritual Mission to my hungry heart.

I love God so.

Tim G. Carter - aka "Slam"

Tim G. Carter – aka “Slam”

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