The Courage of a Military Wife with 5 children

Heather Travitz is a great lady. This article is worth a 2nd read!


Dear Gutsisthekey Reader:

     Today is a special day on Gutsisthekey! We will enjoy the thoughts of a Guest Author; Heather Travitz @heather31mom. I have been blessed to get to know Heather during the last year and she is a regular, important, personal encouragement to me. I know she will be to you.

     Heather and I have decided to work together on some posts to do our favorite thing; encourage others. And that is why I asked Heather to write this post for me. Being a mother to 4 step-children + 1 of her own and wife to the epitome of a modern day hero [an American soldier], who can not be there always to help her….. is tough stuff sometimes.

     This life would cause most others to run screaming.  But not Heather, although I am sure she feels like it…

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