Great Knowledge

One of the best ways to make sure that we do not miss the promise of the day is to have an open heart and mind. There is much that we need to see around us. Much we need to learn from those we meet. But in order to achieve the growth that we need to day, we must be humble enough to learn from yesterday and see the value, in the teachings of others. Keep this in mind as you begin this week and you will achieve more. Remember “We know that we don’t know.” Wolfang Hafele


     I have learned, The greater the diameter of your knowledge; the greater the circumference of your ignorance. Be humble with what you know!  The  scripture says that knowledge “puffs up.”  The picture comes to mind of what we would call today, “a fat head.”

     It is possible to know much information and have little discretion.  There are people who have great amounts of information, without the slightest bit of dedication, compassion or loyalty.   Their knowledge makes them great in their own eyes but not truly great in the best definition of the word.

   Our knowledge will do us no good; if we do not know good….. Yes that is an alliterative play on words. But the point is to get you to read it carefully and think about it slowly, to get the message.   A great intellect only benefits others, when it is…

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