G.U.T.S. #34 – The Grinch Uses The SeedCorn

     Yes, you are right; it has been too long since I wrote another G.U.T.S. installment. So with no further delay; here you go… G.U.T.S. #34 – The Grinch Uses The SeedCorn.

The Grinch Uses The SeedCorn –

     A few season’s ago, a movie came out as a fully animated feature starring Jim Carrey based on the Dr. Seuss Classic; “How the Grinch stole Christmas.” This was hilarious and full of cartoon fun. But behind many of the imaginative scenes were great nuggets of beauty and truth.

The Grinch

     It is sadly true that there are many in our world who seem to get some kind of satisfaction, from taking the joy of others. This was the case with The Grinch. He felt that by taking the joyous occasion of Christmas from Who’ville that he could remove the joy from their heart. But he discovered that while he could take the celebration away; he could not remove the joy from people, in who’s hearts it lived no matter the circumstance.

      The person that this horrible plan of evil hurt the most was the Grinch himself. And this is the truth in real life. When we try to take the happiness away from others, our greatest accomplishment is removing it from ourselves.

Grinch 2 small heart

     There was a book in the 70’s that resulted in a movie, in which Yul Brynner starred. This book was “The Ultimate Warrior.” I read the book and I watched the movie. In this classic, the movie pictured an apocalyptic scene in which there was very little hope for continued survival on earth. The crisis event in the movie and the thing that doomed society was someone eating the seeds to grow new crops. Seeds that could have lead to the continuation and replenishment of life on earth.

ultimate warrior

     Evil is like that. It does not contribute. It only takes. Described in a word, it is selfishness. And Selfishness does not create or expand. It hoards and contracts. Holding on to the elements of life can actually cause them to become so slippery, you can not attain them, hold on to them, nor grow them.

     So in a way, the greatest danger to our world is we, ourselves. By seeking selfish acquisition, instead of human benevolence and service; we can undermine our society and defeat ourselves. So what is my point? It is the lesson of G.U.T.S. #34.  Do not be a Grinch and use the seed corn. Instead, Be a gardener. Be a cultivator and a preserver. Grow the seeds, before you try to use them and take from them. Don’t use; the Seed-corn. Plant it. Cultivate it. Water it. Pluck the weeds away from it. Give more to life, than you take away from it.


     In the day’s of early American history; there was an air of fatalism that prevailed much in people’s minds. Many thought that the world would soon end and that there was little hope for a future. In light of this pessimistic expectation, Johnny Appleseed was asked what he would do, if he knew for sure that tomorrow the world would end. He paused and then answered simply; “Today, I would still plant my apple-seed.”  —- That is the gift of faith. To plant seeds of hope, when those around us declare there is no use.

Johnny Appleseed

     Our Ultimate War as human beings may be with ourselves. If we can learn to give more than we take; we may have a chance. If not, we may be doomed to the dismal path described in Yul Brynner’s movie.

      It was said best by the greatest teacher in all of human history. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Jesus

jesus love - greater love hath no man - friends

     In giving our lives away, we may find that we indeed find them.

"Slam" a.k.a. Tim G Carter

“Slam” a.k.a. Tim G Carter

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