Knowing Jesus

     Dear GutsIsTheKey reader. Some of you count on me to write on inspirational, faith related topics. Here is one I have been meaning to share for almost a year.

     I have learned to be respectful and tolerant of many belief systems and people of many persuasions but I try never to forget, to share Christ. If my life has a secret, He is it. And often, when I want to help others; there is nothing more plainly good for me to share with them, than my Savior.

Jesus says; Let my little children come unto Me.

Jesus says; Let my little children come unto Me.

     I really am a rough and tumble guy. I have been through a lot. At 14 I started in reform school. I have sunk to the depths of the bottom of a bottle and have been known for years, as a karate fighter. {I also have done a lot of good} But; I am certainly no creme puff. …. Yet, through the course of my life, I have developed one awesome friendship that has helped me through myriad’s of challenges and difficulties, I have faced. … This friendship is My relationship with Jesus. I have found that Knowing Jesus is like having a psychiatrist-healer-counselor-dynamic friend-great leader & inspirational coach move in, on The Inside of You!

Jesus in the heart

     Many problems that should have destroyed me have only served to make me stronger because of the dynamics of this friendship. People followed Christ when He was on earth because they were drawn to Him. I have found that it is the same today in the Spirit. I never lead people to Him by intellectual persuasion but frequently share Him with people; who need companionship and a devoted friend.

Jesus the friend

      I have learned that even when people don’t like religion; they often find it refreshing 2 B around someone who has a clear relationship with Jesus. If that person who knows Jesus is Courteous‬ and respectful of the other person’s beliefs and experience, also.

respect, the truth of

     People get so confused about religion.. And I understand. He is presented so poorly and crassly often, by His so-called followers. I have found that sharing Him is really honest and simple. I tell other hungry souls that if they want to experience Him, try letting Him in their life by invitation. Then, as He leads. We follow.

following jesus

      I have found that Knowing Christ is like having a spring, A living River, A babbling brook springing up inside of you with fresh life and vitality. (Jn. 7:38) I did not get to walk with Jesus in his physical, earthly life. But the neat thing about why He came; is that one of His primary promises is to walk with me (& You), through the Spirit he sent to fill us. And He promises to do this in all times and in all places.

I am with you always

     Sometimes it causes me persecution to be so vocal with my thoughts about Christ but I must be faithful if I love Him and serve Him. The rewards of Jesus being pleased with me are worth the challenges that following Him sometimes bring.

    Religion is ok. There are multitudes of varieties and convictions. But life with Christ is not religion. Maybe this will free some of you from the dogma’s & traditions that hold you captive. [This is a large part of why, I am a Quaker]. I don’t call myself a Christian for any other reason than I belong to Christ; not because I am required by some liturgy or denomination.

Quaker values

     Studying the life of Christ absolutely shakes me with the power and beauty of the best way to live. There is nothing higher for a human soul to achieve than the nature that Jesus modeled for us in His life. You know it is the heart of Jesus that attracts me to Christianity, not religious ceremonies or observances.

Jesus love

     Knowing Jesus brings me much happiness and peace. I recommend Him for any of you, who are looking for direction, serenity and purpose.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. [Rev. 3:20]

Jesus - standing at the door knocking

Tim - a.k.a. "Slam"

Tim – a.k.a. “Slam”

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