Honeysuckle and The Dimension of Heaven

The Spirit of God is like the Sweet Honeysuckle in the Spring Air:


     One beautiful thing about being outside in the south in the spring and summer is the air that is full of fragrances.  Gardenias, Jasmine, Magnolia, Roses, and most certainly Honeysuckle. In many places, You can drive down the street and the smell of Honeysuckle waft through the window to greet you.

honeysuckle 2

     In the same way, as you can smell the honeysuckle in the summer air, before you know exactly where it is; sensing the Spirit of God is like that.  In fact, The Spirit of God enlivens the senses, especially our senses to perceive Him.  This is misunderstood by those who treat this as only a mental task. God’s predominant interest in us is not intellectual. His greatest desire is not that we figure Him out. He wants to be known by us. He wants to be experienced and enjoyed by us. His goal for us, is a relationship with Him. In the same way that a parent wants a relationship with their children.

jesus with a child

     God wants intimacy with us. That is what the whole message of Jesus was about. God does not choose to relate to us, through forced companionship. He relates to us, through our will-full offering. He wants us to want Him, just as He wants fellowship with us. This knowledge should fill us with gratitude.   Gratitude that God wants to know us and be present with us, through His Spirit. Let’s be thankful that God is relentless in His love for us—ever-pursuing, ever-present, and ever-guiding.

jesus love - greater love hath no man - friends

     Knowing God is like a kinetic flow. It is always a moving relationship. God’s Spirit is always the same but You will never be the same, after giving your life to Him. Though He is absolutely reliable. He is always moving, always creating and ever flowing. A genuine relationship with God is anything but boring. A relationship with God moves with more currents than the wind and with more power than imagination.

whisper of God

      Most times the greatest obstacles to the unimaginable beauty of a life united with God are those we allow, in ourselves. Our willingness to be closer to Him is often the greatest challenge to the full flowing of God in our lives. Because of this, our greatest task is not just to find God; but more-so to locate and eliminate all the barriers within ourselves that we have built against His Spirit.

     The best place to find the secrets of your own heart is to find the secrets of the heart of Jesus, to unlock them. Jesus is named in the scriptures as; The Pearl Above Price. He showed us that the secret to the greatest freedom is the greatest service and He demonstrated this principle, with His life.

Faith breakthroughs

     We want to come after Jesus in heaven but We do not understand heaven. It is not a place. It is a dimension. That’s why we can know the kingdom of heaven now. God wants us to dwell there even now. That is why the kingdom of heaven can be in you, in this life. Jesus wants to acquaint you with heaven here. Then death is but a passage deeper into a dimension you already know. That is why it is promised “Christ in you is the hope of glory.”

     God promises to reward us if we seek Him, because He wants to be found by us. He desires us to cultivate a relationship with Him.  There is a ready supply of good, right, uplifting regeneration available to us at all times, if we will make ourselves available to God.

well springing up

     The challenge of availability is always mine. Am I truly available to God? I can never get deeper into God than I let Him into me. You may want to read that last statement again, if you want a deeper relationship with God, yourself.

     God broods and woos men to higher, nobler thinking. Just as the wheel steers the ship; so God’s Spirit directs our lives, if we let Him.  As surely as electricity lights up the room when u plug into active current.  God’s Spirit will fill up the room of your heart when you plug into Him!

Life changing event

     When my daughter was a little girl, she could tell when I was tuned into Jesus and when I wasn’t. The fruits of the Holy Spirit or the absence thereof are very evident to those around us. TeNae would say in her little girl voice, when she could tell that I wasn’t listening to God; “Plug in to Jesus, Daddy.” That was great advice then. And it is still great advice today and every day.

     God’s Wisdom is like a deep well ever available in your own back yard; it yours personally & plentifully when you access it.  God shares His heart with those who share their heart with Him. May you experience His heart now and begin to walk in the dimension (Kingdom) of Heaven.

Jesus in the heart

     Oh by the way, if you ever come down south in the spring; you must let me show you how to drink the nectar from the honeysuckle flower. 🙂

honeysuckle 3honeysuckle 4

Tim on a spring day!

Tim on a spring day!


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4 Responses to Honeysuckle and The Dimension of Heaven

  1. Anthoney Vaughn says:

    I find it fascinating when i read honeysuckle and roses i live with my girlfriend and her parents and they`ve been living here for almost 35 years.next door to us is a church and in the front yard as you come out there is a honeysuckle bush and infront of that is a rose bush and behind the front fence we have rose bushes surrounding the entire yard needless to say that God lives in this house thank you for the encouraging words God bless and amen to you

    • So glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the comments. Glad to hear of the presence of God in your home. 🙂

    • Wow! Let me just say, as I read this I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly! This speaks to so much of my experience. Lately I’ve been so enamored by the scent of honeysuckle, and found this post by searching for honeysuckle in the Bible! The Lord has also been speaking to me hummingbirds a lot! So thank you, this is a more meaningful post than you can imagine!

      • Dear Anthony, thank you for your nice comments. It caused me to reread my own post. And it was a refresher course but a refresher that I needed. God bless you. I wish you all the best. Slam

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