GUTS #36 – Grace Unravels The Snags

      G. U. T. S. = What does it stand for. Well this is the 36th acrostic BEAM (post) on the subject. It has been fun coming up with all these word games based on the letters. Here is another!

Grace Unravels The Snags –


1 – Being merciful when people expect harshness puts minds at ease.

     Our Wesleyan Theological heritage defines grace as: “the love and mercy given to us by God, because God desires us to have it, not because of anything we have done to earn it..” It is a condition of freedom given totally by Benevolence and not justified by action. 

     Worry seems to be the constant condition of most of our world. But have you ever “let somebody off the hook” that was worried about something and saw the immediate sense of release in their attitude and outlook. Mercy may not always be the exacting, judicious response to human activity. But it is often the right one. Do not be so quick to be harsh, condescending and difficult to those around you. You may notice that they are suddenly easier to get along with. I know others will notice that you are!

Grace dice

2 – The unearned grace of God fills us with gratitude for the goodness we do not deserve.

     I am a recipient of God’s grace. What do I mean?  A few years a go, I reached a real dead end in my life. I was viciously trapped in a circular pattern that I could not break. And the harder I tried to change things, the more completely I became ensnared. It was certainly “a snag.” At the point where I could not have figured it out; the Answer came. At the point when I was most unlikely to find a way out; empowering inspiration strengthened me. 

      The result of this unearned mercy was a new life. A life full of gratitude, thankfulness and happiness. I am so thankful that a wonderful way was shown to me, where there seemed to be none …. Literally everything in my life is new. 

     I have seen this same thing in many other lives. At some point of broken-ness or difficulty; Our Higher Power can make known to us a beautiful road of destiny. A vista of bright horizons that we could not have found any other way than through our difficulty. A dose of humility and looking beyond yourself for answers could be the key to help you experience this miracle power also.

strength through humility

3 – A tense, tight situation can often be lightened and relieved by someone with a good, jovial attitude. A very difficult situation is made easier to deal with when someone approaches it with tact and courtesy.  

     No matter how many people in your circumstance seem to forget it. Manners are never out of date.  Bill Rowe said in his June 13, 2013 article: “Common courtesy does have power. It gives you the power to lift your mood and because of your good mood you will spread happiness to those you come in contact with.”

     Why not be the one today to take out the trash in the office, without having to be asked?  

     Why not be the one who does not get in the 10 item lane, with more than 10 items?  

     Why not be the one who enjoys letting an unknown neighbor into the lane, in tight traffic?  

     Why not leave the closest parking spot for someone who’s legs don’t work as good as yours?  

     Why not decide not to argue the next time you are right; just because doing good is more important to you, than being right?

     On and on and on the list could go, of possible little ways that you and I can find each day to to be kind to others around us. To be an agent of grace, rather than an ambassador of selfishness.  


4 – Receive grace & extend graciousness. You may may find life a lot less complicated.

     It is very difficult to be around someone who will not receive anything. Receiving kindness is not being a taker. It is just a healthy marker that you have enough humility to grant others the role of providing goodness to you. It is not a strength when you refuse to let a friend get the dinner check. You may have just robbed them of the blessing of giving. Being willing to receive unmerited favor graciously, when it comes your way is step #1 to allowing new possibilities of miracle power into the living room of your life.  

     Say thank you to others today. Look for some small way to extend a kindness to a stranger. If Karma; The Law of The Harvest is an operating principle in the universe and I believe it is; then you may find goodness coming back to you in unexpected ways.  As The Master has taught us: 

       Luke 6:31 – And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. KJV

       Luke 6:38 – Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” NIV

giving 101

Tim Christmas 2011

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