Inspiration Ignites Performance

     I read incessantly about sales related topics. Recently I read a couple of interesting articles by Johannes Mutzke.  He drove home the point that an absence of vision can cause a void. And that in an organization, such a void can have disastrous results.

No vision

     Mr. Mutzke described the condition of such a “vision void,” as the lack of a “clear and compelling” vision.  Even so, it is a powerful truth that needs emphasis that vision is a cornerstone of accomplishment. While his major topic was how such an absence of a driving focus can peril an organization. My point here is that not having a such a defined and refined passion can be catastrophic in individual achievement, as well.

      Proverbs 29:18 records the greatest historical proof text of this point imaginable. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” While the context of this instruction in Proverbs was for people to find their true vision in God. In a broader sense, the instructions here guides us all. It illuminates that incorporating insight and “vision” into our endeavors; is the only means by which we may guard against shortsighted calamity and failure.

No vision People Perish glasses

     In the absence of clear guiding principle, people will adopt misguided principles. That’s what a vacuum does; it sucks up whatever is available good or bad. People will in the absence of good, find something else to motivate their motion.

     This is why inspiration is so critical in the workplace. You can read how everyone else does it. You can study the data. But without a personal mission; you will never achieve a great level of success. You will wander from opinion to opinion, without guiding principle.  This is why guiding principles belong in the workplace. When we are satisfied with the Why, behind the What we do; we tend to gain more  success.

The Why behind the What motivation

     Who would ever go walking at night without a flashlight or some other method of illuminating their steps? It is obvious that a guiding light is needed in the night and that having one makes navigating, unknown territory easier. Having guiding principles helps us get where we want to go successfully. What are guiding principles? They are the by product of inspiration.

Lighthouse of Hope!

Lighthouse of Hope!

      Inspiration is that rare and miraculous substance that happens when the human heart engaged by the Divine Spark finds interest in what they do. Moreover finds interest in doing whatever they do, in the best way possible. And additionally, finds interest in the best reasons, methods and outcomes for their work. Inspiration when discovered is the jet fuel to achievement. Inspiration in the workplace ignites Performance. And what is the best evidence that Inspiration is healthy and happening?: The presence of clear and compelling vision.

clear and compelling vision

     A historical evidence of the danger of adopting someone else’s vision, without making sure it is accurate and your own is the horror story of Jim Jones and the Guyana tragedy. Over 900 people lost their lives, because they followed the misguided instructions of this charismatic leader. Ok! Ok! In business, no one loses their lives by just following and not having their own clear cut ideals and purposes. Or do they?? Many waste away the valuable substance of their lives in atrophy and failure, because of a lack of personal mission and inspiration. This is honestly a loss of life also.

I will

      Mr. Mutzke points out that all the troops following their own direction can spell disaster in an organization. That everybody  having their own agenda, because of the lack of an overriding vision of the organization can tear it apart. I get his point. I get his point. If we do not participate efficiently in the higher missions of the organizations to which we belong, then we may indeed do more harm, than good. But the point that I am driving at here; is that in your individual work performance; you can adopt the plan of your organization but with personal initiative. Initiative driven by Inspiration.

initiative picture

      Many of you may indeed be entrepreneurs driving the direction or your own organization and without Inspiration, you are dead in the water. And who wants to cite their life’s accomplishment, as being a dead fish.

     So, how do we avoid shallow performance in whatever our professional mission may be? By incorporating inspiration into our lives and careers.

     How do we do this?

  1. Remember: Inspiration ignites…  If sales performance is the engine; then Inspiration is the Sales Pro’s fuel. Are you just going through the motions are are you clearly inspired each day. This is not something that you can do one time. You must adopt this mindset each day; to insist on inspired performance.  a writer's inspiration
  2. Remember: The tank doesn’t run on empty. While you can not adopt someone else’s mission as your own, without a process of personal growth. Neither can you thrive as an island. If you are in an organization, find ways to contribute value in the stated objectives. Ways that come from your own initiative. If you are responsible for the vision or objectives that guide you, then by all means study the example of others. While you only chew the meat and spit out the bone. It is the intelligence to be an ongoing student and learner that helps us all to continue to grow. work education picture

  3. Remember: Written goals are not the end but they are a healthy start. Write down your daily thoughts and plans. If you want to achieve a desirable outcome; then you must not fail to target. Get real! Achievement is not cheap. It takes work. Find a regular, if not daily time to focus on your performance. Inspiration is easier to find; when you are looking for it. Have your own daily passion about your pursuits, if you want to achieve more in your life. set new goals

  4. Remember: Be happy at your work. Not one minute of life is ever coming back. So don’t waste one. Inspiration does not come to sour pickles. It comes to those who believe in the value of their life and work and are open to higher learning, with positive expectancy.  Being happy is a choice

     In your work and everywhere, The great Solution to a lack of Inspiration is Discovery. And discovery can be achieved by meaningful Daily Focus times, Writing and Research, networking with great minds, opening yourself to Divine Inspiration, through perspiration,  and insistence on personal excellence. Also remember that dimensions outside of work spill over into work. So a good life plan, will certainly aid in a good professional plan.

     May you find the spark you need in this writing to achieve new levels of inspiration and performance!

Happiness and attitude

"Slam" Tim Carter

“Slam” Tim Carter

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  1. Brad Hanson (managementbrad on twitter) says:

    Hi Tim,
    Great effort here. It really is all about people and vision, isn’t it? Keep up the good work, my friend. U are such an inspiration to me and so many others.

  2. Thank you for a inspiring post, Tim.

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