Life is moments

Life is moments. Moments of cheer. Moments of pain.
One thing for sure, we shall not pass this way again.
We can not control the moment we are given,
only the way we are living.

Daily Living One Day At a Time

Try not to dodge the moment or to avoid pain,
These are efforts spent in vain.
Try instead to make the best of the moment and live without fear,
And to find on life’s path, the joys that make it clear.

I know its true that the rain falls on the just and unjust,
That’s why a mindset of acceptance is a must,
The key is with God’s help not to dwell on the pain,
but to live instead in love and service, knowing heaven’s gain.

Mother Teresa and Service

So whatever your moments; find happiness and cheer,
Because a winner’s heart never forgets to hear,
not only the troubles and challenges that beset us all,
but also to hear the chiming ring of life’s deeper call.

For the duty of life is not to dispel our moments of trial,
but to find a way in them; to leave others with a smile.
So dwell not on the trouble that comes across your way,
But live in the light of love and service, this very day.

There are flowing rivers of hope bubbling in the heart,
When we take God’s hand and are glad always to start,
an action of love springing from a wellspring of faith’s song,
singing in us a melody; which grants us power to be strong.

well springing up

Therefore feel not cheated, when life aims you a cruel blow.
You must remember that even the Son of God was treated so.
Look for the ways that you can make your life count beyond your day.
And then you will live the kind of life for which eternal dividends, pay.

Pain is not worthy to stop your life’s task,
A frown is not acceptable as your face’s mask,
In pain, Look for the solution, believe in the answer, trust in love.
In so doing, you will find goodness and peace showered from above.

feeling good

Moments, yes that’s all you have – brief moments so fleeting.
Do not rush by them on your way to a meeting.
It’s a decision not to be ruled by the moments of challenge and pain.
Because you can know the sun, even when it rays are not plain.

The seed does not wait; for its shell to be taken away.
It bursts through the hard hull, to find its way.
It then finds itself covered with dirt in the ground
but this does not stop it from growing with the new life its found.

Johnny Appleseed

God sends the sun to water it, even in the deep;
even so our strength is renewed, even when we sleep.
The seed senses the sun and bursts through the ground.
For it knows Higher Power calls it, with life to be found.

Make Today Great logos larger painted

Yes, my Personal logos is a seed. 😉

Tim the Eagle (2)

Tim G. Carter – a.k.a. “Slam”

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