The plentifulness of God’s love to open hearts.

     In the south, when the time of year is ripe in late summer, you can smell the honeysuckle in the sweet air, before you know exactly where it is. I have found that sensing the Spirit of God is like that.  God is often the most anonymous person I know. He owns all, is over all and yet in all but seems never flashy or showy; even though His works are all grand and beautiful in design. Often, He can be mightily present but approach with a whisper.

honeysuckle 3

     I am thankful that God is this way. His love is relentless. No wonder the 23rd Psalm speaks of Him as our Shepherd. He leads us—ever-pursuing, ever-present, ever patient and ever-guiding, ever caring.

The Lord is my shepherd

     Knowing God is like a kinetic living flow. It is like having a waterfall cascading inside you. It is like having a river swirling in your heart. It is always a moving relationship. In ways of steadfastness and love, God’s Spirit is always the same but if you truly encounter Him, You will never be the same. His moving influence will leave you different than before His touch.

river of life

    I have found that my task is not so much to seek Him to be there, in my life. But moreso, to seek what it is that is preventing me from seeing Him; because He is always there.  When I hear His gentle knocking and open the door that blocks His entry; He gladly comes in. When I remove the barriers that I have built against Him, my heart is His home. Not our steepled edifices but the Sanctuary of our hearts are the temples that He most wants to dwell in.

Jesus in the heart

     I best find the secrets of my own make-up and design by looking into the heart of Jesus. I find out more about myself, by looking into His priceless being, than I ever do dredging details about my own condition. It is much easier to see what I need to fix about me, when I look at the purity and Holiness that is Him.

     Everybody wants to go to heaven but I find that it is more a dimension than a place. We do not understand heaven, because we want to go there; when we should be wanting it to come here, inside us… When we allow Christ to be real, the kingdom of heaven can be now and its place can be inside our hearts.

Heaven in our soul

      Where would you go to find God if He did not want to be found? But God has promised through Christ to reward us if we seek Him, because He wants to be found by us. In fact, He has come seeking us. He desires us to cultivate a relationship with Him.  It is the coolest thing. We do not have to go anywhere. He is here now. Quit waiting to go to church. Open your heart where you are now and God will find you. Its as natural or supernatural (depending on how you want to look at it) as the sun finding its way inside a flower. All that is required is for the flower to be in the sun. The sun does the rest.

flower arrangement picture

     There is a ready supply of good, right, uplifting regeneration available to us at all times, if we will make ourselves available to God.  There is no shortage of God’s love.  I can never get deeper into God than I let Him into me. But I can get as deep into Him, as I will let Him into me. There is always more of His grace, mercy and wisdom to discover.

      God broods and woos men to higher, nobler thinking. Just the wheel steers the ship; so God’s Spirit directs our lives, if we let Him. The highest thing that you can achieve only brings Him glory, when you are glad to tell others where you get your strength and look forward to putting your crowns at His feet.

As surely as electricity lights up the room when u plug n2 active current-God’s Spirit will fill up the room of ur heart when u plug n2 Him! God shares His heart with those who share their heart with Him. God’s Wisdom is like a deep well ever available in your own yard; it yours personally & plentifully when you access it.

Tim's ideas are dynamite in person! Hire him as a speaker, at 336-688-7538.

Tim’s ideas are dynamite in person! Hire him as a speaker, at 336-688-7538.

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