Resurrection Power – Easter Thoughts 2015

I try to celebrate things that are important to me, every day of the year. I do not relegate them to the observance of one day. But nonetheless, I do tend to have special thoughts on those topics, at the time of the year that they are publicly celebrated. These are some thoughts I have had today about Easter.

Jesus helping hand salvation healing hurting heart

    The most dire problem of the human condition is death. But Christ has solved mankind’s greatest problem. At Easter, Believer’s around the world celebrate that life is more than a temporary journey, with an emphatic, permanent end.

     I certainly understand that other’s believe other things but every true believer, I have ever met has an incredible belief in the power of life! I am respectful to people of all cultures and persuasions. But of all belief systems, Christianity offers the supreme answer to the problem of death. We are believers in life. Both here and in the hereafter! Jesus triumphed over death with life and gave us the hope that Life is stronger than death! You can not state the central proposition and attraction of the Christian faith, any clearer.

living the blessed life

     If I said, you could be super-charged with a never ending supply of Eternal Life Elixer wouldn’t you drink it?? That’s what Jesus did for you! That is the meaning of His message. The fountain of youth is a real thing, when one understands that death is but a portal; into deeper well-springs of life!

     To understand what the significance of the Christian message is to people. We need to convey it in important, empirical, socially relevant terms. An example is in the principles of human metabolic functioning. 1- We have discovered that there is a metabolic (life producing) system in us. It begins when we are born and decreases, with each year that live. 2- We have also discovered that there is a catabolic (death producing ) system that starts slowly, when we are young in life and then increases drastically, as we live into our Senior years.

     How does the gospel of Jesus influence such a practical reality?   3- Jesus grants us a real hope that our metabolic (life producing rate) will swallow up the catabolic. – It offers the prospect, that life producing energy is just being reborn at death. Much as as a seed in the ground is not the death of the seed but the very catalyst that results in it producing new life!!

Johnny Appleseed

     The hope of Easter is not just that life continues after death but that it explodes after death into a majestic metamorphosis! The caterpillar does not just mildly change but erupts, into a wonderful butterfly. I think these are natures examples to us, of what the shell of death really is; to the Believer.

     The word HOPE is the seed power of what Resurrection faith can do in our lives. We become people that always believe in a brighter tomorrow because Christ has removed the sting and fear of death from us.

water of life

     The Resurrection declares; Life dispels death, like light displaces darkness.  Just like a seed uses the materials that cover it to grow into something new. The resurrection declares that death only shapes us to new life.

     Jesus Resurrection doesn’t just say: Life wins! Jesus Resurrection says: Life triumphs gloriously! Death does not just give way to new life power, it is defeated! It is swallowed up in life!!!

     People of faith ought to be the most brightly energized people on the planet, because we believe in a new tomorrow at the end of our days!  Joy, Praise, Ecstatic Relief, Happy Comfort, Enthusiastic Assurance, Radiant Faith; these are the words of Easter to me!

Promise, New Opportunities and Hope

The dark day that does come is only part of a grander plan that declares: LIFE-The day of Triumph still comes, in spite of the dark day! The tombs end gives way to the never end of Eternal Life!

     One of the cool things of the message of Easter is that it not only happened 2,000 years ago. It still happens today, in a real way, in the hearts of believers. It can happen to you!

I offer you Hope-I offer you Joy-I offer you Life Unlimited-I offer you Light-I offer you Peace-I offer you Comfort- This is what Christ’s message says! This is the message of Easter.

Heaven in our soul

     We see on TV today all these strange-weird take overs of alien life in human beings. Yet, these powerful images, “Pale in comparison,” to the Real Life Change of Jesus. Divine change of lives given to Him is real, awesome & unending!!

     You do not have to be religious to experience this. You do not have to be religious, to be spiritual. Separate what u believe @ God from what institutions expect; & live that way, in your life. Let the Resurrection power be real in you. Give your life to Christ!

Jesus - standing at the door knockingjesus with a child

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