Two models for Divine Guidance

Guidance has been on my mind all morning. I felt lead to share this with a close friend, earlier. So, I share here; in hopes that it may help some of you… I often think about: Three or four, 3-step models for guidance in life. These have been the topic on my mind today and that usually means; I am supposed to tell someone else. So I will share two of these guidance models, with you now .

winds of change - direction

Number one plan….. Three steps; Submit, have faith, release,… Step #1 – Submit equals= lay your will before God as an offering ready for Him to do what is best for you. Step #2 – Have faith = Be confident that God is powerful enough to bring His will to pass in your life. Step #3 – Release = Leave the future to God’s capable hands. Let Him have it (the situation) & you.

Angels guiding / guidance

The second plan or model for guidance is…… Three steps; Surrender control, give release, experience freedom,….. Step # 1 = equals surrender control to God. Step #2 = equals give release to God. If we have given it to him, then we have ceased striving about it. Step # 3 equals = experience freedom through God. When we have given the matter to Him. There is a corresponding spiritual victory; i.e. Fellowship in the presence of God.

Bible Word is a lamp unto feet direction guidance from God

Tim Carter, author & speaker, a.k.a. "Slam"; 336-688-7538 /

Tim Carter, author & speaker, a.k.a. “Slam”; 336-688-7538 /

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2 Responses to Two models for Divine Guidance

  1. Let the Holy Spirit guide and we can’t go wrong!

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