Find The Holy Hug of God in Prayer


Prayer can find; The Holy Hug of God-

   Prayer 101 – God may know all things. But prayer is not osmosis. God my be able to know every thought but the function of prayer is not for God to read your mind. God wants to hear from you.  As a parent, you may know what is bothering your children. But still, you want them to tell you about it. So it should be in our relationship with our Maker.

foxhole prayer 1

When comfort and guidance is needed by a child; Part of the healing process often comes through the willingness, of the child in talking to you about it. It helps you both, when the child opens up and shares. It is this way with God, also. He not only has the answers we need but He wants to hear from us.

    Because truly, prayer is not God reading your mind. A parent may know what is concerning the child but still wants the child to talk to them about it. Prayer is this way. It is willful communion. Many see communion just as some religious observance in a spiritual ceremony. But truly it should be much more than this. 

Communion is in-depth, intimate fellowship. It is sharing our life with God and God sharing His life with us. God wants to be close to us, like we want a close relationship with our children.

eyes on Jesus totally dedicated and committed

     God wants us to share our heart with Him, like a parent wants this from their kids. The joy of prayer is not just in the answers He provides. The greater joy is the meaningful, soul quenching fellowship with His Holy Spirit. We share our hearts with Him and He shares His heart with us. This spiritual connection should be a real daily conscious contact and relationship that each believer experiences.

     God has the power to come to our aid. He and only he can know us, inside out.  He and only He can make us to know peace & joy in the deepest depths of our heart.

     But God wants an invitation, to do this. He does not want to knock the door down. He wants us to invite Him in and freely share with Him.  His reminder to us in Rev. 3:20 is that He stands at the door and knocks.

Jesus - standing at the door knocking

God chooses to respect our will. The might of His spiritual power in our lives is most often felt, when we want Him and ask for His presence. We have to open the door and invite Him in. He has all power and could certainly charge in but He will never. Because the God who made all Creation is gentle with us. He wants to share His life with us, not force us to take it.

     The holy hug of God heals, empowers, nourishes and guides.  Experience the joyous liberation of opening up in sharing with your Creator. Freely, Let God in to your heart and commune with Him. That is the holy hug that should be prayer.    

Now I lay me down to sleep prayer little boy

Tim G. Carter - a.k.a. "Slam" 336-688-7538

Tim G. Carter – a.k.a. “Slam” 336-688-7538


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