Determination, The real thing!

“Determination will not help you win from the sidelines. You must be willing to get in the game and be empowered in the real task. If you are not ready to try your best now – and with relentless pursuit – determination must be applied, before you will succeed.


Though the attainment of your goals may seem far away, you must be motivated during the task, just like you were at the start and like you will be at the finish line.

Running with a forward lean

Many fall short in their determination because opposition or challenge wets the fire of their effort. It takes inner fortitude to find the fruits of true determination.

It is easy to get all worked up and feel determined, but feelings will not translate into accomplishment unless they are accompanied by Action. Determination is more than just a feeling..

Vision with Action

Finally, those who are really applied and determined in their pursuits, seem also to be those who most easily overcommit. You cannot do everything at once. To achieve something, you can’t be wrapped up in everything. To win at important tasks, you will need to prioritize the energy of your determination and focus on the most essential ones. Plainly, true determination is moderated by realism and intelligence.

 smart, intelligent, realistic approach mindset

Most importantly, if you’re going to win, your determination cannot get old. You must commit everyday, and not wait until tomorrow to start. If your determination is going to help you succeed, then the mission to win must start fresh everyday. It is like a any good runner knows: you do not run to the finish line the but past the finish line to win the race and achieve your best.” ——- Taken from page 34 and 35 of Positive x Positive = Unlimited. By: Timothy Grant Carter

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