Thank God its Tuesday

I like to share concepts on how to get more out of daily life.  From what I understand the term “Thank God its Friday” was first seen in print in 1941 and then massively popularized by the 1978 Donna Summer movie with the same name. But true to my #Slamism nature. I like to take popular notions and give them a little creative twist.

Thank God its Friday

So, I have done a Thank God its Tuesday, Wednesday & etc. But all of these thoughts are spun around another term original to me (as far as I know); TGIT – Thank God Its Today. (But I won’t be surprised to find 500 more owning the term, lol). Anyway, that is not my point today.

My point is that we ought to be able to make every day special. That we ought not be living for someday when, but for today, NOW! More specifically, we ought to be striving all the time for how to make the ordinary; super.  So today’s theme is Thank God its Tuesday.

What’s that all about you ask? It was bad enough when you were asking me to thank God because it was Monday. Now Tuesday too???  Everybody knows that Tuesday is blah day. Right?  — –Wrong.

     Ok. Ok already. I guess I better let the cat out of the bag, before I lose your interest. TGIT is the real big deal!!! But TGIT stands for more than Thank God its Tuesday. In a bigger way, It stands as I mentioned above, for Thank God its Today!  And that should be a statement suitable for every day!

     In Karate, I teach my students to have a “bunkai” for everything. “Bunkai” means the idea behind. Why are they doing what they are doing? What is the application for what they are doing. And so, I ask us what is our “Bunkai” for today? What is our idea behind our daily living?

If our Bunkai is gratitude, and a positive attitude of growth and meaning. Then we learn to thank God for today, no matter what day it is. With this kind of enthusiastic outlook, we won’t have any problem with today; even if it is Tuesday.

     The late Dr. Francis Schaeffer said in unforgettable words: “With God, there are NO little people and NO little places.”  Wow! That is Heavy duty truth. Every single person is special. That means there are no “ordinary”people. There are only specially created, designed works of God. All humans are miraculous according to this perspective. There are no small people.   

     Moreover, there are no small places with God. What in the world does that mean; you ask? Glad you asked. That means that every experience is significant. That means that every activity is substantial. That every work to which we apply our hands, with Gods help is IMPORTANT work.

     So obviously, if that is true? Then what you are doing today makes a difference. What you are doing today is special. Because if no one else sees; God sees & if you focus your heart and mind on today’s activity, then you are doing it for Him. With that mindset being the case; everyday becomes important, because you are trading a day of your God given life for it!

     Remember that small pieces of the puzzle become glaring deficiencies when overlooked and left out. So even if you feel like the work of today is Ho-Hum or not especially critical. It is an important piece of the puzzle. The events of your today may make more difference, in the whole puzzle of your life than you realize. Even if its Tuesday:

TGIT. LOL. It will make you feel better. 😉 There, that’s good. That’s a better “bunkai” for today! Thank God Its Tuesday! 


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