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Many aspects of our life are like the weather. They can not be changed. They are what they are. Ok. I get it. You can not control the forecast outside. But you can control your internal climate. You can control the the forecast for the inside. It is within our power to predict more sun.

sunny outlook & disposition positive attitude

Still, many people’s internal condition is akin to the weather outside. They seem to have no control over their internal condition. They are moved about by every whim of mood and circumstance. And the gloom and doom they feel, often has nothing to do with the difficult circumstances outside. But rather a cloudy disposition that they carry around on the inside.

I used to read the “Born Loser” comic strip. It was amusing how a cloud of despair seemed to follow Wilberforce in the Funny Paper. But it is not funny, when we let such a cloud of despair prevail in our lives in reality.

Wilberforce born loser pessimistic attitude humor

We do well to often remind ourselves of the incredible power that we have to direct our own temperament and disposition. We really do have the strength to Dispel bad attitudes with good ones. The worst think to do with stinking thinking … is to keep it.

Faith is a prime directive for me. It influences everything I do and anything I think about. We have been gifted with a wonderful eternal destiny by a Divine Progenitor. And this wonderful adventure always starts Now.

Today live in the moment be free

Because of this, I have learned that if you are having a bad day; You can restart your day with promise & prayer at any time. We have a little known and seldom used reset button. We can restart our attitudes and outlooks with a little prayer and meditative pause, at any point during our day.

private partner unknown future in hands of all knowing God

Sometimes we are looking too much inside ourselves for the answer. The answer is often beyond us but it is always there, if we are looking. Don’t stop at your own vision. Be humble enough, to learn from the wisdom of others. Their solution might be your solution. Don’t be silly and have to re-invent the wheel. Be open to the wisdom of others. 

we need each other

Often, our own peril and demise is the result of a pessimistic outlook. We do not find the ray of promise, because we are only looking in the dark. Be determined to find the good! Look under every rock that’s right & promising. Keep your eyes open to new vista’s of learning in the world. Be an explorer of what’s working and what’s producing results.

Tim is available to speak to your group or organization. Contact him at: 336-688-7538 .

Tim is available to speak to your group or organization. Contact him at: 336-688-7538 .

Phyllis Diller, the famous comedian and funny lady said: “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ” What powerful words, that obviously accompanied and positive life. A decision to live your life with a better outlook can literally turn your life from poor to powerful. 

smiley face

Tap into the good life, today. Do not let it pass you by. Forecast your own good!

"Slam" A.K.A. Tim Carter

“Slam” A.K.A. Tim Carter

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