Anonymity And Significance

Several years ago I posted an article; “The Presence of Honor in the Absence of Title.” The idea behind this article was that what we do is important, even if it does not result in recognition.

Sometimes it seems to me that people are more concerned about how they “appear” to others, than how they really are. Yet, the true measure of success in life is authentic meaning, not public acclaim. The highest measure of good is the service we render others and the world. Not the position we reach in the world.

Mother Teresa and Service

So like others, who have dedicated themselves to truth and service. I have dedicated much of my life to benevolent causes. Yet I find it difficult to help many people with material welfare, as much as, I would like to. So I have found that my way to make a significant difference is by helping others with mental and spiritual welfare. My gift to others is good thinking that leads to fulfilling living.

good thoughts pic

I like to others with good thoughts and I find a bunch of these ideas, in the Bible. One particular story that gives me a helpful hint for others is found in a story about a servant of the Patriarch, Abraham in Genesis 24.

Nowhere in the account of this story are we given the name of this servant. We do not know who he was. But we do know from the story some important things about him. Namely, we know that he was Abraham’s oldest and most trusted servant.

This man was so trusted that Abraham delegated to him, the assignment of finding a wife for his son Isaac. Wow! Talk about trust. And the story reveals, how this servant went about this undertaking with joy and achieved the desired results with excellency.

Abraham's servant Genesis 24 faithful anonymity significance god prospering and helping

This servant found Rebekah, for Isaac. And that was certainly a successful union.  So, as I have contemplated this Old Testament story, it repeatedly comes to me that this is an example, of how someone can have honor with out title, and without recognition. It proves that someone can make a huge difference in the lives of others, even when their name is never credited.

coincidence is God's way of being anonymous Einstein

Many people struggle with the idea of  Personal Significance. But this story is the perfect proof text that you may be making a huge difference, whether other people realize it or not.

So take this BEAM as an encouragement to keep doing your best. We may not know the name of this great servant of Abraham & God. Nonetheless, we still we read about his great deed of honor today, thousands of years later.

Purpose roadway sign

Anonymity is not a popular concept. But it is a great spiritual value. If the Creator of all Celestial wonder and Universal Diversity found it important to announce and present Himself in a manger. Then maybe it is actually the greatest condition of significance, for us to bless others without receiving the credit or being known for it!

Do great things today to be a help, strength, asset and contribution to others around you and our world, even if you do not think it is noticed! This is perhaps the truest greatness!

Timothy Grant Carter 336-688-7538 ; Your speaker for "Slamism."

Timothy Grant Carter 336-688-7538 ;          ……..Your speaker for “Slamism.”


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