Stepping back to step forward

In my teaching of the martial arts to my students, I start with the importance of a strong foundation. And I never let up on the critical necessity of having a powerful stance. Without an effective base, no defense can be solidly utilized and no attack can be launched with confident poise and balance.

Healthy Balance

Each student must carefully control their balance as they move, making sure to lean neither forward, nor backward. This preoccupation with stance often seems to the student to be excessive. They want to go on and learn more moves and more flashy techniques. But as a good instructor, I can not let them neglect the crucial importance of their base.

Tim doing Empi karate

I am not a mountain climber but I did a little rock climbing when I was younger. And the key for me was making sure I had a good footing. It was better to go back a little bit, before going forward if I could improve the grip of my foothold.

This same lesson is incredibly essential in life. As we strive for our success goals; it is easy to see that we must push forward and, be ever driven in our focus to move ahead. But sometimes, a step back must be taken. A step to remedy a weakness in our footing. A step to ensure that our going forward will be based on the best possible basis.

These step backs can seem like setbacks. But they are not really, if they are a necessary step to make sure that we are moving from a solid foundation. They are not setbacks, if they are necessary moves to settle our balance, poise, speed and accuracy.

zanshin picture of karateka demonstrating mental attitude

The proper attitude toward such a temporary step back is retained confidence. Do not give in to the temptation to feel that you are not progressing. When you take the sober, sane and serious steps to ensure that you can maintain and fulfill your next step forward. Then your step back is really a step forward, towards the realization of your worthy goal.

Perfect practice makes perfect Vince Lombardi

I am not advocating excuse-ism or lethargy. But when you see that you must take a temporary step to repair the equipment or improve the technique, before moving ahead; You are actually taking a giant step towards accomplishment.

Don’t forget that your stance is critically important. You can not achieve your best without it. You may have to step back a little to repair it and make it better. Yet, doing so will be the very power catalyst you need, to make sure that you can move more assuredly towards your goals.

Sometimes you have to step back to step forward!

Slam in Texas speaking


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