God’s Munificence

Just a reminder that God is Good & He is good all the time. This could be the answer to the better life, you are looking for! Read on……..


As an author and voracious reader, I have an extensive vocabulary. So, when I run across a powerful word that I am not using and do not understand. I pay special note and try to learn and apply it. It is like a new gift that I am given and try to use.

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Munificence is one of those words. During the course of last year, I read it; re-read it again and again, looked it up and decided that it is a wonderful word that I need to add to my usable vocabulary.

Here’s the word.  mu·nif·i·cence

what is man scriptures promise of our divine calling

Here’s how it is pronounced. myo͝oˈnifəsəns,myə-/

This is it’s part of speech. noun: munificence; plural noun: munificences

Passion pursue your heart

And more important, here is it’s definition.

the quality or action of being lavishly generous; great generosity.

“we must be thankful for his munificence”(definition by Google).

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Fortunately, God is not an inanimate object or theoretical construct…

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Inspirational Speaker, Sales Trainer, Quaker Minister. Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman and Shotokan NiDan. . Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it."
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