Slamisms – 501-600

     If I am nothing else. I am definitely persistent. And so I publish my 600th Slamism quotation. Of course, Slamisms are my own brand of inspirational, educational, motivational and helpful personal quotations.

600 is a lot, huh? I guess so but please keep in mind that I really have at least a couple of thousand. But I go through my own painstaking process in releasing them. Will there ever be a book of Slamism’s? Probably, but not right away. I am trying to get my next book complete. (Dear Life; a 365 entry meditational book. I had hoped to publish it this year but it is looking more like next year.

But back to the matter at hand. Slamisms. I continue to create and produce these all the time. But I go through a process of editing and saving them, before I release them here. So yes, I am definitely persistent. And the work continues. But for now, here is another sampling of 100. I hope you and enjoy them and that they bless you.


1. Life can have the fantastic wonder of traveling a yellow brick road-when we look through eyes refreshed & enlivened by Hope & Faith #slamism
2. A daily commitment to personal courtesy will win you a multitude of good friends! #Slamism
3. Para: @GAndropodi Water doesn’t come from pipes-Food from supermarkets/We need oceans-forests & soil 2 survive #Nature is Speaking. #slamism
4. Rt @SteveGutzler When you are thankful even in a trial you open your heart to new blessings #slamism
5.  Sometimes going after your goals is like crossing the creek, you gotta use stepping stones to get across. #slamism
6. The problem with aiming for someone else’s goals is that in so doing, you will miss your own! #Slamism
7. Life fulfillment is like fingerprints. It is individual & very personal/Someone else’s satisfaction won’t do/U must discover Ur own #slamism

8. Rt @SteveGutzler If you want to live a life that matters-don’t start when you get good-start now so you become good. #slamism
9. “Focus on what’s been put in your heart from God. Don’t let anything else sway you!” Margo DeGange #slamism
10. The world wants “u agree with its dismal dream of limitation-But-light would have u soar like the eagle of sacred visions.”A. Cohen #slamism
11. I start each day on my knees asking for direction. I end each day on my knees in gratitude & deep seeking. #slamism
11. Whenever You Have a Problem, Just Sing, whistle or hum an upbeat Song! You will soon discover a brighter, healthier approach! #Slamism
12. Rt @giomotivation A small act of kindness can make someone’s day shine. Be the light. #slamism /
13. Tweet me & I’ll be happy to tell you how we help Inspirational writers & Authors publish their own book & become an Amazon Best Seller.
14. Rt @DTNEtiquette I am living proof that yes-you CAN teach old dogs new tricks-So there!~#DTN #stilllearning #slamism
15. Rt @takecareofUUU When U get 2 the mountain top-look down-give thanks-U didnt get there by urself-Give back #slamism
16. The greatest power which all normal human beings R granted by our benevolent Creator is the act of conscionable volition & choice! #Slamism
17. My heart is full of faith & I encourage this; but repudiate any religious belief that encourages hate or mistreating human beings! #Slamism
18. One of the strongest apologetic arguments for following Jesus Christ is that He is the embodiment of love! #Slamism
19. We are endowed with the capacity to recognize, overcome & replace are negative character traits, with positive, healthy ones! #slamism
20. Right is right. A clean conscience is its own defense. #slamism
21. Rt @takecareofUUU When U get 2 the mountain top-look down-give thanks-U didnt get there by urself-Give back #slamism
22. Mama said, if it first you don’t succeed-then try, try again.  I guess that mountain don’t look so tough after all. 😉 #slamism
23. One of the greatest attributes of accepting a higher power is learning humility. That we ourselves are not the sum of all things. #slamism
24. How shall we fly? If we dare not try? #Slamism
25. This is the great conundrum of finding the will of God. We have to get ourselves out of the way-to find it. #slamism
26. An attitude of service actually leads 2 the greatest fulfillment & liberty; Acquittal from character defects that enslave lives. #slamism
27. We learn our greatest state of human freedom, when we respect and value the rights and freedoms of all men. #slamism
28. Learn to transform the liabilities of selfishness; to the benefits of love, service and benevolence. #slamism
29. A motive of selfishness produces an unhealthy lifestyle. [From Article: 12 steps in God’s will and God’s Will] #slamism
30. We can come to God just like we are & find help to turn the liability of our problems n2 the asset of new life-strength & serenity. #slamism
31. Sometimes you have to prime the pump, to get your creative juices flowing. #slamism
32. You cant unscramble an egg! A great dose of acceptance must be learned & adopted 2 find peace in your life. … #slamism
33. 90% of whether we have a happy life isn’t based on what’s happening but how we look at it! #slamism
34. We should put our heart in what we do. When we do our best, it honors God by showing Him that we appreciate what He has given us! #Slamism
35. A good healthy percentage of your goals should be not about you but about others! Slam- #slamism
36. @CCCDynaPro = an umbrella name for various pursuits/A 30 year old name meaning Carter’s Creative Concepts Dynamic Professionalism. #slamism
37. Prayer is the most restful thing that I do. It’s my chance to let it all hang out with God! #Slamism
38. I always pray last thing at night so there are no time limits/It is so soul cleansing & peaceful that it makes me sleep better. #slamism
39. Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. – Plato #slamism
40. God is like an ever-present Counselor. Anytime I want to talk my problems over. He will share His wisdom with me. #slamism
41. When you really get clean inside through prayer/You get the deep sense that God is with you & it is unbelievably satisfying. #slamism
42. I never really got the good out of prayer, till I got past what people said and discovered fellowship with God for myself. #slamism
43. If u get past prejudices u’ve learned about religion-u can see prayer has nothing 2 do with them & everything 2 do with a good life #slamism
44. Prayer changed my life when I discovered it wasn’t just for saints of history-but an incredible, miracle power available 2 me 2da. #slamism
45. Frustrates me-when people unfriend me because they mistake #slamism for Islamism-NO!-I’m a Christian Quaker! “SLAM” is my nickname-40 years!
46. This is a favorite quote: Courage is what it takes to stand up & speak & courage is what it takes to sit down & listen. W Churchill #slamism
47. Woke up with a frown on your face? Go to the restroom & wash your face & smile at the image in the mirror till it smiles back! #Slamism
48. Daddy used to say if you lay down with the dogs you get up with the fleas! Be careful in your associations! #Slamism
49. A good man or woman is as willing to unlearn, as they are to learn. #Slamism
50. If your current life course is not producing love, joy, happiness & fulfillment, Change your life course. #slamism
51. A habit of character & good conduct results in conscience/which results in a powerful-reliable-trustworthy-inner guidance mechanism #slamism
52. A habit of telling the truth always can set up a majestic cacophony of the inner sound of peace and serenity in your life. #Slamism
53. RT @SteveGutzler Getting things done through others is a fundamental leadership skill. #slamism
54. I  suggest The Scriptures {Bible} as a source of wisdom as u plan the steps 2 your success.  #slamism #salescategory
55. If u pray diligently-daily-God will show up unmistakably in ur Life-It may not be plain 2 everyone else but u will know it-clearly! #slamism
56. Recovery allows a seared conscience 2 come alive again & B rejuvenated & cleansed by right thinking & living. #Slamism #divinerestoration
57. We are endowed with the capacity to recognize, overcome & replace are negative character traits, with positive, healthy ones! #slamism
58. Tweet me & I’ll tell u how we help Inspirational writers publish their own book & become an Amazon Best Seller. Slam- @SplendorPublish
59. A deep, trustworthy internal guidance system is an important gift, we all possess and need to train and develop. #slamism #consciencematters
60. Resolutely striving for highest achievement-regardless of obstacles & setbacks brings satisfaction & fulfillment even in adversity. #slamism
61. My father will be mostly unknown in the annals of history-but nonetheless he was one of the greatest men to ever live to me. #slamism
62. Teaching people about faith-I’ve learned 2 point them 2 the very real God & let Him speak for Himself-2 the one I pointed His way. #slamism
63. I point others 2 God & let Him speak for Himself/My opinion’s rarely what they need-but rather experience with God for themselves. #slamism
64. It’s wonderful 2 aspire 2 achieve ur highest destiny-But a man of conscience will live truthfully & courageously everyday anyway! #slamism
65. One of my motives for writing so extensively is: there will be an honest repository of what I thought and felt after I die. #slamism #legacy
66. Strength of character is formed on off days, when it seems that things are not happening & you hold true to your good aspirations. #slamism
67. So how do u get more satisfaction out of your work? If u asked yourself that question-u took the first step #slamism
68. We must be grateful even for our original ideas. It is because of the learning from & suggestions of others that we have them. #slamism
69. RT @SteveGutzler Leaders: See failure as temporary>Keep expectations realistic>Focus on their strengths>Bounce back fast #slamism #goodstuff
70. Through honest, heartfelt prayer-We get the deep sense that God is with us & it is unbelievably satisfying. #slamism
71. Take pride in what you do. When we do our best, it honors God by showing Him that we appreciate what He has given us! #Slamism
72. The truth is that there are no common men. That the estate of manhood is an in the image of God proposition. #slamism #gratitude
73. Man’s saga is meant to be a moving journey full of mystery, marvel and dynamic adventure. #slamism
74. The work of the great dreamer is often a lonely vigil blessed with hard moments in deep sacrifices. #slamism
75. The dreamer dreams the grand vision before it is a popular, publicized Miracle. #slamism
76. If u must create-u must create!/It is like the allure of the ocean to a seaman-You must voyage whether or not-others sense the call #slamism
77. My sister Detra was a magnificent artist-Her work still inspires me with awe! She was driven 2 create-The Makers mark was on her! #Slamism
78. Melville’s classic Moby Dick didn’t achieve commercial success & notoriety until after his death & so it often is-with the dreamer. #slamism
79. RT @AnnZuccardy One day I lost the ability to pretend it was all okay.  And that’s when healing commenced. #slamism
80. You don’t really have to be religious to have a vital, dynamic prayer life. It can be a very private, practical, purposeful thing. #Slamism
81. Fortune Cookie: “Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life.” True no matter who reads it! #Slamism
82. Paying attention to people’s interests will make you a better salesman, a better professional, a better human being! #salescategory #slamism
83. We base judgment on instinct & hunch-as much as reason & fact/Only a conscience clean by truth & good motive makes right decisions. #slamism
84. Don’t be surprised when you shake opportunities hand & see on his nametag that his middle name is W.O.R.K. #slamism
85. Quaker’s believe that no man or woman is worth more or less, than another. I am a Quaker. #slamism
86. Believing all men & women are worthwhile creations of God is an estate-if realized by all-could bring peace to the world-It could. #slamism
87. Johnny Appleseed when asked if tomorrow  u knew the world would end-what would you do 2da? Said: Today I would plant my Appleseed. #slamism
88. Everybody wants to look good-Everybody wants to feel good-But it most times starts with being good. It’s an inside-out proposition. #slamism
89. Philosophy is nothing if it does not effect life! A way of thinking is powerful, when it improves living. #Slamism
90. Recovery allows a seared conscience 2 come alive again & B rejuvenated & cleansed by right thinking & living. #Slamism #divinerestoration
91. Quote “Where your unique gifts & skills meet w/ ur deepest desires & passions is your point of greatest empowerment!” @MargoDeGange #slamism
92. Most effective recovery programs re addiction & breaking free from abuse cycles r based on simple solutions-for complicated people. #slamism
93. Sometimes, to win your race; you have to first create your track to run on. #Slamism
94. Once, you have created a track to run on; faint not. Run on the track you have made. Follow through. #slamism
95. Everybody thinks CYA. They should think CYO = Create Your Own. Seeking is the secret solution to everything. Seek, you will find! #slamism
96. Doubt is no kin to true inquiry and seeking. It is always unproductive and based on fear or ignorance. #slamism
97. I have learned in nearly every situation that I am frustrated, a habit of restraint in speech and behavior is wise! #Slamism
98. Consistently build a body of productive work-so that when the end of ur days comes-u will have a legacy of meaning & satisfaction. #slamism
99. Stubbornness is a great quality when u r vigilent for good. It is an awful quality when it keeps you closed from truth & learning. #slamism 

100. Mama said, if it first you don’t succeed-then try, try again.  I guess that mountain don’t look so tough after all. 😉 #slamism – Louise Carter

God bless each one of you my readers.

Best to you in all you do!

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