You can’t unscramble an egg.

You can’t unscramble an egg. Many of the situations that have already happened can not be undone. That is why a great dose of acceptance must be learned and adopted to find peace in your life.

scrambled eggs

If you have a few years on you, the question is not just where do we go but where can we go, from here? An honest assessment of your current condition and situation is a part of the success proposal. No business thrives without an appraisal of its inventory. Even so, as we climb faith’s mountain; an honest evaluation of our current situation must be included in the plans. To wish things are not as they are is unproductive and leads to frustration. No, the truth is that the egg can not be unscrambled. We must accept our circumstances as they are to make very much genuine progress, towards our goals.

Acceptance is a key to achievement! …… What, You say?! That sounds backwards! But it is not, I assure you. Let me explain.
Often when we strive for idealistic goals, the inevitable happens, life changes, conditions alter and challenges jump on the scene.

Sometimes, these are avoidable by an overcoming attitude and we are able to sail right past them; but oftentimes they are real obstacles to our goals and hick-ups or barriers to our plans. But this is where the achievement power of acceptance comes in!

Acceptance all is well in spite of circumstances
When we have deeply and internally accepted that problems are normal and that challenges are not equivalent to failure. We are on even keel with life. We are able to much more quickly assess things for what they are, be honest about them and adjust our approach, or if necessary adopt a new one. When we are able to accept reality and not always look at it as some type of life derailment; then we take problems in stride and even when our circumstances are altered, our winning attitude is not.

It happens Forest Gump
Forrest Gump was right. “It” happens. Wipe your foot off and go on! You can not be defeated, when your outstanding attitude is true internal optimism that is not dissuaded when you have normal obstacles or difficulties. Rigid Flexibility is in order. Acceptance is a key to achievement!

Come to terms with the reality of where you are at. Do not deny what is honestly the circumstance of your life. It is only when you follow the advice of Polonius in Shakespeare’s play; and to your own self be true: that you can see clearly to plot a course to your higher destiny.

Remember, You can’t unscramble an egg. Many of the situations that have already happened can not be undone. That is why a great dose of acceptance must be learned and adopted to find peace and victory in your life.

With God’s help, I hope that is exactly what you do!

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4 Responses to You can’t unscramble an egg.

  1. jjaneswift says:

    The reality of living life with feet on the ground while eyes stay on the heavens – well put.

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