An evil dream.

Last night I had a very troubling dream. From time to time I have very emotionally stirring dreams that I know are caused by spiritual influences. Last night was certainly one of those.. without getting into detail I was confronted by an Insidious evil. This evil seemed unstoppably powerful and domineering and permeated everything. And the more it was resisted the more it grew. The evil was so dark and oppressive that it literally absorbed every crack and sinew of the world. Evil power was so corrupt and all controlling that it seemed to take over nearly everyone and everything. There was a Vestige of good but it seemed that the good was being literally squeezed out of existence in the world. I awoke to discover that it was no dream and that this dark influence was literally in the room with me. As I begin to plead the blood of Jesus I realized that I did not need to look elsewhere for the light that the only light in the room was coming from inside me and my sleeping wife. And so knowing that this sense of being bathed on the inside in Holy Light was not of my own doing; but it was the Lord’s mercy and Grace bubbling up in me like a stream in the desert. I stood praising my Lord and asking for his Divine strength in the middle of this oppressive and awful evil. I realized that the dream was a real vision of what is happening in our world. It seems that evil and terrible influences gain more and more control in the reality of our world. And I also realized that there are even aspects of our own nature and flesh better not to be trusted. Still, In a deep and precious Priceless way I also realized that those who truly seek after and are devoted to Christ are like the remaining light that Remains, even in the onslaught of menacing evil. (That though we each one have our own personal battles in submitting our will and flesh to God). And that God is in fact using this evil in the world, to cause those of us who truly love Him to desperately cling to Him in holy love; Knowing that our only strength and hope to remain faithful to Him in this Dark World is only through total devotion and giving ourselves away with Reckless Love and abandon to Christ. Who alone is able to protect us and cause us to stand through the power of His Spirit. But this truly gives those of us who know and love Him reason to be filled with joy and praise, even in the midst of the terrible onslaught of Darkness. Oh death where is thy sting? For the grave is swallowed up in Victory and life. And the eventual outcome of this Seeming Unstoppable wave of black evil will be the eventual Triumph of our Lord and Savior, as He brings His Holiness and righteousness to its rightful place in charge of all the lives who are yielded to Him. So even though I awoke to discover that my terrible dream was in fact a terrible reality in our world. I also realize that it is not without purpose. In fact it is filled with a glorious purpose. It is our Lord and Savior in the process making us ready for His eternal Kingdom, even in the presence of such difficulty. Like the psalm that I say every night says: Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me!

Slam- in his home #shotokan karate gym.

Tim – The Quaker

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