Where can you always find God?

Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, that is the place you can find God if you seek Him. The scripture says if I make my bed in sheol, Thou art there. There is no height that we could climb to, to find Him, if He did not want to be found. Yet, there is no depth, that we can descend to, that He cannot enter to find us, if we seek Him.

Many perceive that they have to go to a special structure, church or place to get near God. But the truth is: the dwelling that God desires is on the inside of them. If we open our hearts-then wherever we are are becomes His sanctuary.

In the same way that the air rushing in and out our lungs and the blood coursing through our veins is always there, even so God wants to be that perpetually real and present, to us. You can forget your breath but it is always there! If you fail to breathe, you will not live long. You can forget your blood but it is always there! If you lose your blood; you die. The life is in the breath and the blood. Even so God’s life is in the Spirit.

We may not always sense or see the Spirit. But just like our breath and just like our blood, The Spirit is always alive and functioning, if we are.

Jesus said, His sheep know his voice. God does not want to appear to us in the Supernatural elsewhere. God has no pleasure in the way out or weird. Rather He wants to become Supernaturally known, genuinely deep in the inside of us.

Don’t try so hard to understand how God made the external universe. Until you have first tried to realize how real, His creative agency can be on the inside of you.

I left the house this morning without my glasses. I quickly realized but there were things in the distance that I could not see, without them. Even so, our spiritual life is like that. If we are trying to look without His spiritual Aid to our vision: There are things that we cannot see on our own. We need the Divine empowering lens of his Spirit, to see very far.

The scripture says, Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee. God’s guidance is like jet fuel. With it, a plane can a sail to lofty celestial Heights. But without this fuel, the plane is stuck and can not get off the ground. We often feel stuck in our lives, because we are trying to operate without the holy fuel of God’s word and The Holy Spirit’s combustion.

Over and over again, in the New Testament we are advised to seek and we shall find. God wants a marvelously deep, intricate, beautiful and intense relationship with us, through Christ. Yet, God has purposefully and masterfully planned that it is only in relationship to our sincere and honest search for His spiritual connection, that can enable our deep discovery of The Divine life.

God does not withhold secrets from us, in the sense that we cannot find them. The secrets of God are more like buried treasure. It requires some digging to unearth them. And it requires some cutting and polishing to discover their deepest Beauty, even after they are Unearthed.

You will never discover God, any greater than the depth of your searching. A casual and flippant approach to God will never find His deepest Treasures. He has reserved these beautiful jewels, for those who express their love for Him in deep searching.

Let God be where you’re at today. Discover that where you are, He wants to be also. Surrender the controls of your life to your Creator. His directions and plans are much wiser than our own.

Funny thing. We lose our life to find it. Actually We lose our life, to find His life. Best trade I have ever made!

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Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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