Prayer is meant to be total immersion


A friend of mine was struggling to have a deeper prayer life and wrote me about it. Many struggle with a need for a deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling prayer life.

All Seekers struggle with the proper focus on prayer. Because without the right kind of focus, we will never achieve the intimacy with the Creator that we want. Effective prayer can be like taking a swim in the ocean. It’s not so much a particular mindset that you put yourself in. Its more subjecting your whole being and person to the stream of God’s mindset and purposes.

It’s really a total immersion. It’s like exposing yourself to radiation. It could be compared to entering a microwave. A microwave of finding a more complete exposure to direct contact, with the emanating rays, of the presence of God. Where you literally open yourself up to the light beams of virtue, truth, Holiness and purity of God’s inspiration. A contact so complete that your whole mind, soul, personality and being is radiated by, God’s amazing Holy Spirit.

The major deterrent is that we have to peel back the layers of self, vanity and pretense which inhibit us, from entering God’s holy presence. By an undoing and unwrapping self, through contrition, desperate seeking, & humble petition, we can ready ourselves for the real possibility of more complete union with God. In fact, we must take these steps, if we hope to enter the deeper Realms that Christ wants us to. Realms that can only be discovered, through the communion and communication of thorough soul cleansing and Spirit enriching, Prayer.

The scripture speaks of Christ supplying streams of Living Water, to come forth from our lives. The function of prayer is to remove the barriers of self-will, that inhibit this Divine stream of good and empowerment from entering and taking control of Our Lives.

When we discover these deeper aspects of prayer. It is not so much that we touch God. But more that He completely immerses and saturates us! So much so, … That we can literally reach the point, that we are literally “caught up” in the flow of the Spirit. We can allow the depraved elements of our prior existence to be swept away. And we can be washed into new directions of living in wholeness and Divine strength.

We neither can achieve this power without God, nor approach it, without the effect of Christ’s sacrifice and provision. It is not a condition that one can earn, through self effort. That is why Contrition and Earnest supplication is needed. Because we cannot do this for ourselves. It is totally a Divine impartation to us and through us.

It is an achievable condition for our life. But not through our own vain self efforts. We must leave the dry plains of self-control and totally hurl ourself to the Heavenly sway of God’s control. It is like jumping into a swimming pool. Reservation must be behind you. And you must wholeheartedly Dive In. Until you leave the safety net of self control, you cannot experience The Divine Wonder of the Holy Spirits control, through Christ. “Who the Son sets free shall be free indeed.” Jn. 8:36

We should see prayer as a transfer of ownership. How do I take possession and self-direction of my life away and give it totally and completely to God? Forget about the time. It does not matter whether it takes 2 minutes or two hours. Get your focus totally and completely on Desiring this heavenly water, that will quench your soul’s deepest thirst. May God help us enter and stay in deeper Avenues of holy fellowship with Him, through this kind of wholly offering ourselves to The Holy Spirit’s control, through prayer. Tim


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