Joy in the Journey!

I publicly posted these thoughts a year ago in remembrance of my mother and one of the most important lessons that she taught me. Each moment is special. Learning to Treasure our right now life is a great part of what Jesus meant by Abundant Living. Mama had a special art at embracing life, like it really was. She taught me that learning to value and appreciate the ordinary details of everyday life is a great part of what it really means have a real and Living Faith. I still think about Mama all the time. And her lessons are more alive to me today, than they ever were!


Joy in The Journey – Before my mother Louise Carter passed in 1983, she taught me an Unforgettable lesson. A lesson that has served me well all my life. She demonstrated how to make the everyday more celebration, than obligation. She clearly showed how to make the mundane, miraculous.

It wasn’t that Mama had to do anything special. It was just that she l learn to treat everything, as if it was special. Daily duties were special opportunities for her. Getting up, preparing meals, taking care of the family, her work, or church, or Bible reading, even cleaning the house; Mama seem to enjoy all these things. In fact the surest way , to get Mama upset was not to pay attention to the importance of, daily or weekly routines.

it wasn’t that Mama learn learn to love the ordinary. It’s just that Mama loved life. And to her, none of it was ordinary. Before Mama died, I often thought she walked more in the spiritual realm, then she did here on earth. She entered a place of sincere, honest, humble, Devotion to God that I have never witnessed again, in the exact same way.

And so I’ll find myself, being drawn more and more to The Eternal Spirit, than what seems to be so pressing & daily Duty in this life. Funny thing is as I walk more in the Spirit, it helps me to appreciate and have more gratitude, for what happens in the real and now!

So I kind of do a daily mental check up, from the neck up.. When I find myself miffed or out of sorts with some normal obligation or daily challenge, I remember Mama’s example and I ask myself how can I look at this differently. How can I see this day is more special than difficult.

This moment may be the last one we ever have. We don’t know. So we should really, all of us, take Mama’s lesson to heart and have joy on our journey. Because for all we know, this moment maybe the first moment of the rest of our Eternal Life. Let’s have joy in the journey today!

Mary “Louise” Carter – 1925 – 1983

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