Why am I an Outdoorsman


Recently had an inconvenience, when I traveled 6 hours to go on a hunting trip and found that someone had tinkered with my wiring, in our little Hunting trailer.. And I had no power, air conditioning and etcetera. Instead of getting upset about it, I chuckled and dealt with it.

I mentioned the experience on Facebook.
And this well-meaning friend came back to me and said that maybe the inconvenient experience was God’s way of telling me not to hunt. I never argue on Facebook about anything. Never mention political opinion left or right. And look for ways to share Christ to all kinds of people, regardless of their persuasion. But being an Outdoorsman is a way of life, not a public opinion. So, I felt it necessary to share with this person what it means to me and why I am Hunter. Here is my reply to them.

Ladies name, I value your opinion and I value you. But this is not the first time that you have made such a statement on my page, opposing my hunting. Previously I ignored it. Because I do not like conflict with anyone that is not productive and helpful. And I like you and intend you to continue being your friend. You may or may not notice, that I never make political statement. I do not disagree with the left or the right. I try to keep my mind and heart on Christ and reserve my comments to that which will help people draw closer to God, regardless of what their opinion is. But I am an Outdoorsman, and that is not political. It is a way of life and I believe more people need to become closer to, and involved in, our natural surroundings. Whether it be hunting, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, canoeing or other such outdoor activities. People are too sedentary and not active enough. Also our world is in such trouble, because people do not get out in the natural surroundings and try to do something about the health of our natural world of miracles. My way of making a difference is to get out and about in the woods, in the ocean, in the streams, in the rivers and the lakes and to write about my experiences, to try to encourage others to get more involved in their natural surroundings., to make a difference. Therefore, I feel like I must speak up in this matter. Although I will not get into an argument or debate about it.

No one loves God’s creations more than I. I am deeply passionate when it comes to the outdoors and our natural environment. A Humane Hunter probably does more to preserve God’s creations than you realize. ( Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people out there that don’t care and don’t observe wildlife regulations, or try to preserve natural habitats or do anything positive for the environment. I’m not one of those. ) Have you ever stopped to think about how a animal dies in the wild, by sickness, or predator or harsh elements? It is not a pleasant death, I assure you. A Humane hunter that effectively harvests an animal quickly and efficiently after letting it live a full life does more to Preserve it’s population and care for animals than most people know. Wildlife agencies only allow for hunting seasons, because the populations need to be managed to control disease , eliminate weaknesses in the herd and preserve the land and continue the various species. When people hunt honestly and conscientiously observe wildlife regulations, they enhance our natural elements, if they try to give back more than they take. Also hunters and Fishermen and hikers and etcetera give more money to preserve and take care of natural elements, than any other segment of society. Every fish and every animal that I have ever harvested, I have consumed or helped some family to enjoy the nutritional benefits of that animal. The Indians had a great idea and literally saw the animals as their brothers, and understood that each time they harvested an animal, that it gave its life to sustain theirs. We live in a world anymore where people sit in shelters Playing with technology and do not get out in God’s creation much less make efforts to preserve it. I’m not one of those either.

I spend many hours in the woods watching animals, and observing them. Most times I let them walk and do not Harvest them. I can actually get so quiet and still in the out-of-doors that animals will come often and literally land on me, because of their curiosity. This is a private art that I have enjoyed developing through the years. When I do Harvest an animal, it is intentional. And I do it very quickly, effectively and efficiently. And I go to Great expense to make sure that it was for a reason and that people benefit from the life Bounty that the animal provided.

Myself, I think it’s pretty merciless for people to consume animals at a table. When they never think about the life of the animal that they consume.
I don’t expect you to agree with me in this matter. It’s okay that you and I look at things differently. But as I respect your opinion, please respect mine, especially since this is my page.

I guess people that are truly vegan and do not ingest any animal products including fish have some ground to say that they truly believe that no animals should die, to sustain human life, have a little more legitimacy to claim their belief ( but I don’t think this is wise for most people, but that’s another discussion ) But everyone else that ingests animals and does not participate in their Harvest, to me they are just as responsible (maybe moreso) as the man or woman who does actively harvest animals, on “killing.” But in my mind anyone that does believe that meat is a part of God’s plan for human nourishment. Must see themselves as responsible everytime they eat a piece of chicken, as the person that harvested it or they are not being honest with themselves and their actions are inconsistent with their beliefs.

And as for a minor inconvenience being “God’s sign” that I shouldn’t hunt. That’s ridiculous. That would be the same as saying some minor inconvenience in my relationship with my wife is is God’s sign that maybe I shouldn’t stay with my wife. Of course that is not really how God speaks. God speaks through the scriptures, through the life of His Son Jesus, Through the inspiration and knowledge of other Christian servants, through the direct voice of his holy spirit, through my conscience and what I call a “deep knowing”. And each man or woman should as the scripture says, “workout his or her own salvation with fear and trembling”. I try to lead other people to Christ but I’m not the judge of whether any man or woman knows or doesn’t know, listens or doesn’t listen, to God’s voice. That is between that person and God alone. But I can tell you that I am sure for myself, that my experiences hunting and fishing draw me closer to God. And I believe that spending more time in nature doing these things would help many others draw closer to Him.

Nonetheless I do not hope to change your mind in any regard. I know you to be a good person. And I’m sure it since you have experienced as much in life as I have, that you have your own good reasons for looking at things like you do. I thought I would just take this time to explain a little more, of why I am an Outdoorsman, Hunter and fisherman. I am thankful at least. that you care. Bless you and have a wonderful rest of the Sunday! Best to you.

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Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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