Communicating more deeply with God

Communicating with the Lord is something that many people struggle to understand and grow in. The Old Testament account of where Elijah heard from God in a gentle whisper, often comes to mind, in helping people understand how to communicate more deeply with God.

The world’s way and the enemy’s way is loud, flambuoyant and pushy. The Lord certainly can use any manner that He chooses to speak to us. ( and sometimes since he’s God, He speaks through many means.) But most often it is in a whisper, as described in Elijah’s experience. Relating to this, My friend Mike Coggins taught me many years ago that hearing from God is most often, to be understood as a “deep knowing.”

I have used the following analogy talking with people about growing in the knowledge of the Lord. It can be similar to tuning in a radio. This was a better analogy before the digital world. You had to turn the knob just to the right place to get the perfect signal balance and reception. Listening to God is like this. We need to be so in tune with His Holy Spirit, so that we can have a very clear signal.


That is why the story in the Old Testament of Elijah’s experience is so appropriate. Often it is not that God is not speaking. It’s just that we’re not listening carefully enough. Sure we can always hear from God if He does some great Supernatural manifestation or shouts at us, but He wants us to be able to hear His voice. Even if he chooses to whisper. Which by the way, He often does. ( as in 1 Kings 10)

This problem of not hearing the still small voice of God goes back to misunderstandings about (1) what has become an ecclesiastical, organizational term in popular usage, “the church.” And (2) also relates to a common misunderstanding about about the term, “the kingdom of God.” Correct understanding about these important concepts rests in knowing that both of these terms are to exist on the inside of us now. God wants to make His church, His holy habitation, His dwelling on the inside of us. He wants to build His kingdom on the inside of you and I. The kingdom then is not just a place that we seek for, but a union that we must walk in…. God wants to build His church on the inside of you and I. If we become His Sanctuary, His living Temple, then He can grow His kingdom from the inside out, of us. If we can become sensitive and listen to His voice, then He can build his church from the inside of us, because we will be dynamically linked to Him. And also linked to other true believers from a “deep knowing” coming from the depths of our soul. (Rather than these terms just meaning a place or a structure that we physically go to).

How does this relate to the challenge of you and I communicating better with God? If this communication is understood as coming from an internal, spiritual connectedness. And that this connection is a dynamic, interpersonal link happening realtime, on the inside of us with God. Then it is easy to see, how this can be often quiet to us and invisible, to others around us…. It’s like listening to a certain channel of music and having your headphones on. If you’re tuned in to the same channel as someone else, and you both have your headphones on. You can both hear the same music personally but simultaneously.

Our Union with each other in Christ can and should be as reliable as our communication with Him. God means for this communication to be dynamic, deep and ongoing. And to be the basis for our communication and “clearness” with each other.

Many are concerned that they will listen to the wrong voices, if this voice of God is only silent and internal… I get that concer. But we can effectively address this concern, by spending time with Jesus in prayer, reading the scriptures and daily worship. Through these spiritual tools, we come to clearly know and recognize the Savior, Shepherd, and to recognize the difference between His sacred, sure and holy voice and the aberrant voices of the enemy and even our own internal reasonings. We can then Tune In and only Listen to the right voice of Jesus, as our final Authority. (Jn. 10)

90% of our problems are in our head. Learning to listen to the voice of God’s Inspiration and Revelation can surely change us from an Outlook of sadness to a vision of wisdom, peace, joy and gladness.

Learn to tune into the Savior’s voice! Don’t always demand that God shout, to get your attention. Seek Him reverently, quietly, sincerely and regularly. You will find that His voice becomes clearer and surer and that your life will be blessed as a result!

Love is such a gentle, conquering Force! I remember my father, who was not a particularly religious man, described to me that he knew God in an inner sanctuary, in His heart. I have come to know through the course of the years, what my father was trying to tell me. Learn to hear God, even if He Whispers. You’ll be glad you did.   

When God Whispers – communication with God!


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