A Relentless passion to share Christ and a Quaker heart.

Though I will forever be a recorded Friends Minister and will always be a Quaker at heart. I no longer claim the Quaker faith. Because what the typical Quaker today is like, does not seem to me to be anything like what I was taught a true Quaker should be. It was for this very reason that I took off my hat that I wore every day of the week for years and years and years. (There are of course exceptions to the rule and there are many truly wonderful, Godly Quakers out there). So, I am not writing this article to cast stones or point fingers.

At any rate, one of the areas where I seem to be least similar to the gist of Quakers of today: is that a I am a Relentless messenger for Christ. 

This is one of those posts that I had already written and when I got pulled away by another activity, it disappeared. I could have got frustrated and just quit. But the subject matter is so important that I’m coming back to it. And recreating it, for the sake of serving you, my friends.

I suppose some get tired of me sharing about Christ. Because I am so relentless, in this Pursuit. I feel like someone who has discovered an Indescribable treasure! And on top of the discovery, I’ve also discovered that this priceless treasure is available to others, as well. So it is then a matter of conscience, that I feel that I must share this wonderful news, with you, my friends.

Yes I have many flaws. I fall short often. And I fail my Saviour. But still; each day finds me trying with all my heart, to be more like Christ. I regret each failure And grow in wisdom and strength. And find it amazing that He fills me with the power, to continually want to be better, and my best for Him.

I’m often asked by others, what the Quaker faith means to me. And I describe it in the simplest terms. Because it is simple. God is real. God is here right now. God is with me. And God is with you. If I will open my heart and mind, He can make me clear in my relationship with Him. And if you will open your heart and mind, He can make you clear in your relationship with your Him. And if we both love and serve God, then He can help us we be clear with each other. That’s why Quakers are called Friends. It’s a simple message. We can be friends with God. And we can be friends with each other. This message correctly understood and applied could change the world forever forever!

I think of the children’s song that my mother taught me when I was little. Red & yellow black and white, they are precious in His sight. In my Quaker heart and understanding, no one is above nor beneath another.! No race above or beneath another. No gender above or beneath another. No culture above or beneath another. We are all of equal worth and value to God. Each one of us individually is of incredible and in estimable value to Him. Human life is Dear & Sacred. All are important. All are special. All come to God and each other, on equal ground as worthwhile creations.

But Not all discover the depth of meaning and reality that they could. Let me explain. For many years, I allowed drinking to come before my faith in Christ. I would have told you that it was all right with God. In fact, I told myself that. But I was in denial of the truth. I had not settled the truth inside my self. I know there are many that drink moderately, and this is okay with them. And it’s okay with me… But I put personally put this alcahol practice in front of God. And it was the very log Jam that stopped the river flow of God’s Divine blessings in my life. Putting God First, before this practice was for me the very thing that literally caused God to be truly First in my life and calls me to reach a new threshold of life in His Spirit. When I let this practice go, I set God free to be more in me!!

Dad used to tell me that there was a difference in a man having a drink. And a drink having a man. But the drink had me and I couldn’t admit it. But when I simply took that idol and truly gave it to God and gave Him that first place in my life; Everything changed! A little at a time, God turned my dream to serve Him with all of me, into a reality.

I had been a Christian for many many many years. I tried to serve God for many many, many years. But really giving God first place in my life by giving Him that one thing – changed everything in me and about me, in the deepest and most meaningful ways. Perhaps not that thing, but something else is in your life, that you unwittingly or unknowingly have put in front of God? Perhaps it’s the very thing that is causing Him not to be able to radically transform your life into happiness, joy and peace. It was for me. Or perhaps He is already first in your life and you share this Joy of Jesus, also. I hope so.

I remember when I was 14 years old that I ended up in reform school. This very literally broke my mother’s heart. I can remember with perfect clarity, the moist spot on her pillow where she drenched it with tears, each night, praying for her Wayward Son. Her prayers were answered in Time, In God’s Time. I wish she could have lived to see what she prayed for come true. But perhaps she does, more than I know!

I guess it must be like the discoverers that first found the American continent. They had discovered a new world full of milk and honey, a beautiful big wild land, that seemed an untouched Paradise.

Others had not seen it. Others did not even know it was there. It must have seemed like an idyllic fantasy or a pretentious illusion, the ones they described it to that had never seen it before. But they had truly seen this wonderful place. And they knew it was true. And it was there to share with others.

That’s the way I feel about this Dynamic relationship with Christ. I have seen it. I have felt and known this powerful Divine infusion in my life, of which I speak. It is something so much grander than many others have seen, that I feel that I must share it with them. Even though it must at times seem, like I’m just a dreamer, when I tell others about this wonderful discovery. I know for certain what I have seen, what I have felt, and what I have touched.

Yet, More than me touching it. This wonderful reality has touched me, … deeply!!! And to be a good friend , I must tell those I care about, about it. So I must share this news with you! It would be the most heartless, uncaring, self-serving thing I could do. To keep it to myself.

I have discovered the grand promise. I must share Jesus with you. Because I have been to the new land. I have seen Christ in a glorious and Grand way. I know that He can fulfill the meaning you hope for and be, your hearts deepest longing. I know that He can grant us understanding: a capacity to love; a capacity to grow; and a capacity to be more as human beings than we can otherwise be. So I must share Jesus with you! It was who I was designed to be and what I was designed to do!!

So if it seems I have a one track mind, … I do! If it seems I think I have to share with you, … I must! Otherwise, I would not truly be your Friend… Jesus is a lifesaver. He saved my life. And He can save yours, if you will invite Him into your heart and give Him first place in your life! Tim-

About timothygrantcarter

Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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