Christmas preparation message!

Christmas preparation message:

Many are often confused when they look at the Bible only as a book. The dry Word is only on the page. The Word must become alive in our hearts to become a life changing message. “The word of God is living” HEB. 4:12. “Thy word I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee” Ps. 119:1. “Thy word is a fire shut up in my bones” Jer 20:9. We can know the Shepherd’s voice. John 10 … God wants The Word to live in us!

We need not only read The Word but feed on Word. John 6:35 speaks of The Word as The Bread of Life. It is not meant just to be mentally understood but more-so, spiritually consumed. Jesus Himself is The Living Word. John 1:1-5. And He said; we must literally consume Him, to belong to Him.

He spoke of Himself as Living Bread. Jn.6:51 This sounds like strange sci-fi talk if you think about it, except that regarding Life in God, it is reality. The words must leave the page and allow Christ to become real in our hearts. Then and only then can we experience The Living Reality, of the power of the scriptures. You see when we fill our lives with The Word. We fill our life with Jesus. Because He spoke of Himself, as The Word!

As you prepare your ❤ for this Christmas. Remember, It is not just about the fact that Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago. More than that He still comes today, to those that consume His Word and allow Him to live in their hearts.

May you allow Jesus to become real in you in this way. Then and only then will The Christ of Christmas become alive (The Living Word) in your hearts. Prepare your hearts. Make lots of room for The Newborn King! (Because The Life of Christ is always new!) And then you can truly celebrate the joy of Christmas, every day of the year, starting now! Because the love of Jesus is not only always new. It is always real; Now!

May each of you my friends have a Merry Christmas!!!

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