A tool in The Master’s Workshop.

Tools in The Master’s workshop:
We are just tools in the workshed of the Master. And every once in a while, He goes out to His shop to find the right tool, to complete a certain task. And He looks on His shelf of available tools and spies us hanging there available; and says to Himself. Haven’t used that one in a while. Yes, Just what I need….. And He blows the dust off. And He cleans and holds the tool up to The Light to inspect it. When The Master is sure it’s what He’s looking for; He tightens the adjusting screws. Adds a little bit of lubricating oil to it, to loosen it up & make it easy for His hands to operate. Then He tests it repeatedly, to make sure it’s working well. At that point, The Master checks it out further on some small tasks, to get the tool broken in to being used by Him. In this way, He prepares it for His service in the field. And last but not least, He labels it as His own & puts it in His favorite toolbox, to take it with Him on the next job. And He says, I believe using that one for this needed task will work out just fine, in My hands. So, He believes in the tool, as His instrument. And in this way the tool in the shed fulfills its purpose, by becoming a tool used by The Master, in the field, to accomplish His purpose and plans …… 🙂

((Pic is Slam in his shop-))


About timothygrantcarter

Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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