Go get em, Tiger! A tribute to a fine karate student, Justin Fields!

It’s a truly rewarding thing when Hope’s you had for your life, start to take shape and fall into place. Today, I observed a karate student that I have worked with for nearly seven years perform extraordinary Feats of skill and karate talent. His accomplishment made me feel 10 feet tall with pride..

I have watched Justin Fields​​
face many challenges and difficulties through the years. Often times, these obstacles were so intimidating that it seemed that his growth could be stopped. There were times that things that I was trying to teach him, just seemed Beyond him. But with each wave of difficulty, Justin tried a little harder, focused a little better, and applied himself a little more, to overcome the difficulties of His training and succeed.

I remember about 40 some years ago that I had been playing with the martial arts for a few years. I took one class and then another. But I really wasn’t determined and focused, to be my best. And I remember a definite occasion in Florida long ago, that I thought to myself maybe this could be the thing that I could use to help other young people avoid some of the problems I’ve had. And so I got very serious and very dedicated. And honestly I did things that very few people would have done to learn the art. Broke fingers, broke toes, rebuilt face, knee surgeries and on and on the list could go.

But when I look at the joy I experienced today watching my student succeed, I’m sure I would do it all again. Through The Years there have been ones, that I knew that I made some difference in their life. And that has made it all worthwhile.

When I looked at how extraordinarily talented Justin is, then I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. And I know that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. And I’m very thankful to God for the opportunity.

So tonight I have thoughts of deep gratitude for God allowing me to learn this art and have such awesome students as Justin and some others I’ve had through the years. And the neatest thing about this awesome young man who succeeded so incredibly today is that he’s just getting started!! He’s not only going to be a great karate performer. He’s also going to be a great karate teacher. I guess it’s true that the greatest pride of a teacher is finding someone else to take his place and teach. So my good news for Justin Fields is that he needs to enjoy his satisfaction of a job well done. And then get ready for the next accomplishment. Cause this fine young man is just getting started!! Go get em tiger! I’m so proud of you!.

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3 Responses to Go get em, Tiger! A tribute to a fine karate student, Justin Fields!

  1. Bobby Riey says:

    Fantastic read!! Glad to have the pleasure of meeting both of you!! Honored to call you both friends and family! Both of y’all are true inspiration to me and many others! OSS

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