G.U.T.S. (6) Gain Usefulness Through Suffering –

G.U.T.S. (6) Gain Usefulness Through Suffering – (Boy this one

wont make me any friends). Like it or not, problems are normal

& the things we suffer can make us better people if we let them.

Be willing to see what you are going through as a part of what

you need, to be who God wants you to be; you can not only

survive your pain but thrive through it.

   A friend told me recently, when my daughter had a car wreck;

“He must think you are pretty special.”  That was not what I 

wanted to hear. But as I digested it; I came to a deeper 

realization that the work of The Cross in our lives is truly a

special blessing.

     Man sees the cross as Christ’s shame. God sees The Cross as

a road to resurrected life.  There is a cost to discipleship but

the fruit is worth the toil. The Bible speaks of pain with the 

following instructions:

  • Blessed Are You
  • Count it all Joy
  • Great is Your Reward
  • Share in the Sufferings
  • It is The Hope of Glory
     No one is asking for the blessing of the Cross. But it
comes anyway. And to those who are looking, it can yield
great spiritual rewards. 
     When you suffer; do not feel picked out or picked on, feel
picked [chosen] instead. If God let His Son Jesus suffer through
the cross, then it must be a calling with promise.
     Even Jesus fell under the weight of the cross. And in the end
the cross He carried; carried Him. Evenso, the crosses we bear
may be more than we can bear. We may fall under the load. But
God will with the burden provide burden bearers. And you will
find that the cross you carry, becomes the cross that carry’s 
you; to a life of deeper union and fellowship with God.
     It certainly takes GUTS but if you are willing; you can

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