A Power Greater than Ourselves

     I read an article today on atheists marching in Washington. Don’t get me wrong. I respect all people’s rights to believe or not believe whatever they want to. But as I read foolish comments like America historically was not a Christian nation & that the 10 commandments were hoisted on a crucifix demanding that they be outlawed; I was dismayed, at these harsh irreverent assaults on truth.
     The world is a hollow, empty place when man see’s himself, as the measure of all things. Recognizing Higher Authority takes some of the smug arrogance out of humanity. I for one KNOW that there is a God and that I am not Him.
     As a Christian, I see Jesus as the most significant personage in history. When I (or others) struggle to know what God is like; I can look at Him. Jesus centers the perplexity of God in the Beauty of a real person. His grace, understanding, compassion, wisdom and virtue give me an unending supply of knowledge about what human beings “ought to be.”
     Perhaps your concept of God differs from mine. That is good. I have found nuggets of good in all real seekers of God, from their unique perspectives. I hope you can learn from me and that I can learn from you. — That we can teach each other is one of the most essential properties of health in society.
     I have also benefited a great deal from the honest uncertainties of agnostics. My sister was an agnostic.  As she and I pondered, shared, laughed, cried and loved each other through the course of life; she came to a powerful faith before she died. And I came to some deeper questions. We grew together.
     Paul Johnson has said: “A sincere seeker of truth has nothing to fear from the facts.” I have found this to be so powerfully wise. Every discovery of science only deepens my experience with God. 
     There has been a recent deluge of doubt, because of the public statements of scientist Stephen Hawking. Who on one hand declares that science proves there is no “need” for God; and on the other warns us that we should be careful what messages we send to extra-terrestrials. His message is misshapen to me, like his tragically suffering physical form. But his brilliance is indisputable. So, I learn from him. 
    In the faith story of my life, the Big Bang always assured my faith, in reason. It lead me to the inescapable conclusion in this line of thought; that I must believe either that matter always existed in and of itself. Or in the only plausible alternative;  that God, who created matter always existed in and of His own Being. 
     Now scientists like Mr. Hawking tell us that matter can truly come from nothing. They explain that this is true, because of the existence of a supposed, yet unproven, sub-atomic particle. A particle which we are told would cause matter to be spontaneously generated. So they propose to prove; that nothing really can come from nothing. The Only problem with this conclusion would be the existence of the particles themselves. 
     This question and new scientific concept, again only deepens my faith. As I now am lead to the scientific possibility that it makes sense that these amazing properties of spontaneous generation exist. The question I am left with is similar to the one I have always had about the black hole. Could these micro-miniature sub-atomic particles have always existed in and of themselves? Or has my faith found even deeper root in the question. Where do these amazing particles come from?
     This attack against faith has only served to make my faith more profound. If the science is accurate (& I doubt the scientific theories more than my Creator).  Then, the universe is literally exploding with “God particles.” They are in every part of the universe, they are around us, they are even in us. {This is no surprise to those of us who believe in a spiritual dimension! Just a confirmation.}
     I have always known that no matter how far out or deep within, you look in creation, that there is the stamp of the Divine. It’s no shock to me, what these scientists claim to have found.  For me, their proposals just offer evidence on the deepest of levels of what I know is God’s dynamism.  Oops, I forgot; they see this as just the contrary. lol
     So, while I am no scientist; I see only assurances of the power of God, not challenges in scientific discovery. Discoveries of science are not obstacles to my faith but opportunities to deepen it.  They do however further prove to me that the matter of faith in God is not meant to be a test-tube equation. The greatest evidence of God in the human field of endeavor is not in the lab but in the lives that He has touched.
     A child with a good upbringing does not doubt that they had parental influence. Every child blessed by healthy parents knows from experience what their parents have done for them. If this whole “God particle” debate says anything to me; it says that every fibre of the universe and the most minute detail of your very being can be trusted to yell God’s “I Am” to us. The fingerprints of God are even clearer, than before in our world. for those who have eyes to see.
     This brings me back to the whole purpose for this BEAM: “A Power Greater than ourselves.”  One of the clear things that faith does for people is get rid of the arrogant egotistical center, that tempts shallow, human beings. Trusting that we are not the measure of all things and that we are dependent on Divine providence gets rid of the brash arrogance of self-sufficiency. It leads us to the same kind of conclusion that a healthy child discovers, about their earthly parent. We have a great debt to our Parentage.
     We have a deep need to be thankful to God for our many blessings and very existence. We are more fulfilled, enriched people when this knowing is the bedrock of our understanding.
      I have laughed with some of my friends about being “Little Big Man.” In this great movie, it was amazing how many roles in his life that Dustin Hoffman portrayed this one man to have lived. I feel like that a lot. I have done many things. Some terrible. Some wonderful. Amazing that I could have lived through so much.
       What does this have to do with a “Higher Power.” One avenue of personal experience I have lived through was a pain problem. A pain problem, I could not solve on my own. It eventually lead me to self-destructive habits, to try to deal with this pain. Habits which could have wound up destroying me.
     Why did I have such pain? Some reasons; Reform school in childhood, lost my mother, lost my father, lost my first wife of 20 years, had to raise my children on my own, lost 2 booming businesses as a result, lost every material possession, several lost promising careers, lost my precious sister, endured several “close call,” near death experiences & on & on the list could go. As I see it today, This was just “stuff.” Stuff some of us are going to have to endure. It was Life. Life, as life happens. And I got a little deeper dose of bitter problems than some and less than others. 
     But this leads me back to the Higher Power part. Left to my own devices, I would have flunked the grade school of life. The Pain Problem would have insured that.  But at my most desperate and broken point; “God showed up.” Clearly, unmistakably, powerfully and miraculously; “God showed up.” I absolutely know this is true!  So science can neither confirm nor negate for me, what I know subjectively to be a fact. I need no greater evidence than my own rescued life.  But for you I propose the wonderful evidence  that there are many others, who have experienced this rescuing, renewing power of God. 
     So for me, the greatest evidence of God is not to be found in an atomic accelerator but in changed, Super empowered lives. I know why Marx talked about religion as an opiate. But I am not talking about the dogma of religion but the Life of The Holy Spirit. God is not a sedative for me but a rocket. For me & many others, He is a power booster, Who leads us into deeper avenues of productivity in our human experience.
     I have found that there is a “River of the Spirit.”  It is true that I drink more deeply in this River, than most ever will. I have experienced the merging of the physical realm, with the spiritual realm in a fantastic way. I walk in both planes of existence at once. I see things others do not. His Spirit enlivens and empowers me to truths that most others can not see. 
     I have been lifted out of my head and into my heart. I have been transformed from a struggling seeker, into a knowing seer. I am so thankful for the life I know and the vision that I see. I know that I exist to honor God and bring hearts to Him, in reverent care. 
     He chooses to use me. But He can speak for Himself. All, I have to do is get people to look to Him. He is able to do all the work. He proves over and over again His life transforming power to those who submit to Him. My chief prayer is that I be His humble servant, and help others as He has helped me. He is so real to me. I know He can be real to you and encourage your hearts to fly to the highest dimensions of your potential. The start to finding this river of the Spirit is believing. Believing  in “A Power greater than yourself.”  May you find Him now!

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Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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