Jesus loves you, this I know!

     I try to be knowledgeable on many subjects. I am an expert in the topic of sales fulfillment. I teach Shotokan karate.  But my most earnest pursuit will always be service of God. I dedicate every day to Him and hope to help many others see how He can help them.

     I have learned that I do not have to be religious to share how He can help people. Who can not relate and appreciate the simple truth that no problem is too great, for His help…….. Jesus can touch you if you are a murderer, thief, con, drunk, doper, what-ever. Just turn it all over to Him! No matter who I meet; because of  Jesus I know have something special to share with them.

     I often feel a burning desire to share Jesus love. This is a neat thing, really. I know when I feel this that He is trying to reach someone through me. It may only be one but when I obey these deep urgings to share Christ’s love. Someone nearly always tells me that it was for them. Perhaps you are the one that this writing is for. If so, KNOW THIS! Jesus is there with you NOW, through the amazing, indescribable power of His Spirit.

      Humans are always looking for medicines to cure our ills. But our insecurities, loneliness & fears have a heavenly cure = The love of#Jesus // I tried to hide in bottles of booze and pills but my hurts and pains found me there. Only when I really said no to my own selfish ways; was I able to find a way that really worked.

     Do you Want heaven to explode on the scene of your hollow emptiness; Try #Jesus…. Not religion. Not church. Not pretense. Simply get on your knees in the morning & every night for 3o days & see if your life is not different afterword. What do you have to lose but your problems?

     Everybody else may be ready to throw rocks at you but Jesus will send your accusers away, if you will turn to Him now.  The acceptance that you have always been looking for can be found in Him. People will always short change you in the love department. They can not help it. They are people. But God has the total purity of essence and character that you need.

     My most exuberant moments in life are telling #Jesus how much I love Him. He helped me when I was a goner. That is not talk. Thats real. He saved my life. He rescued me from my own bent desires to go astray. That which I claimed was my “right” was my prison really. And it was destroying me. Jesus saved me from myself. He now liberates me to see vision beyond myself and to experience a life; I never before dreamed possible.

     It has been well said: “Each person you meet is Jesus in disguise. ” -Mother Teresa // God shows up for me, in many of you. Sometimes when you know it. Sometimes when you don’t. Its beautiful that God chooses to use us to help each other.

     For instance, There R some of you I hurt & long for. Agonize in prayer for. But Jesus loves you more than I can ever begin to say & HE IS RIGHT WHERE You are! Even when I can not be.

    Forget the goody two shoes, church “Thou shalts.” Get over the hypocrites, unless you want to be one yourself. Blaming hypocrisy for a lack of meaningful commitment is the worst kind of hypocrisy. I’m telling you God is where you are right now; today. Open your eyes to #Jesus & He will come into your heart. Maybe you have done this before. So have I. I do it every day. I don’t need Him yesterday. I don’t need Him tomorrow. I always need Him right NOW. Same with you. Quit looking to the past or future. Get real with God right now!

    I’m really a rough and tumble hard nosed guy.  I like to fight. I slip with bad words. I’ve got friends in low places. Heck, I have been the friend in low places. So if there’s a place in#Jesus heart for me; there is room for you. — I’m just sayin….

      Neat thing @ God. Wherever you are; Whatever you are doing, God is there. If you make your bed in hell, He is there. Have needs? Find#Jesus where you are at; today.

     Some people say where is God? How can you look at human history and not see Jesus?

     Some who know me know I pray a lot. Its true. I can’t get enough of God. It amazes me more all the time; How He loves a rough ole booger like me… Its incredible! Who knows, maybe you will find the joy I am describing. Why not try it? Let Him love you too.

     Many feel that they can find every quality they need in the human dimension. Still, You can take every good, wonderful, meaningful, true quality that can exist n a human being & you are still going to stagger to know how beautiful God is! You have to experience it to find out for sure. You just can’t tell somebody how great that ice-cream cone is; they have to have a lick to know!

     My deepest longing is to make Jesus real to others. Alas, I fail so often. I sure am glad #Jesus is merciful.

    My friend  ‏@SteveGutzler and I came together for lots of reasons. But more than any thing it was our love for The Lord that brought us together. My dear brother is one of the most certain daily blessings for me and many others. He does not wear Bible verses on his sleeve but his Godly, inspirational influence is certain.

      I can not comprehend God’s celestial majesty. Neither can any of His servants. Still the neat thing is that while He is beyond our comprehension; we can still have His holy presence. #AMAZING

      Many topics are of interest to me and I will focus my professional interests in the field of SALES. But my primary allegiance will always be to Jesus.

      My words can scarcely express the awesome presence and love of God that is available to us through Jesus. How would God get our attention? By sending the most significant person in all of human history to give us a message. Read the gospel of John to see who He is. Click the attached link to read it, if you never have before.

     For me personally. I can’t count the times that I have gotten to the end of my rope; only to find Jesus there to catch me.  God couldn’t stand the thought of us not knowing who He is; so He sent Jesus to show us clearly. If you are unsure who God is; look at Jesus.  It amazes me, how much Jesus loves us. I hope you see His love for you.


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Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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2 Responses to Jesus loves you, this I know!

  1. Nicco Cobb says:

    Thank you, Jesus & thank you Tim! That’s where the bear lives too! Right in the palm of the Master! Thanks for encouraging me to keep at it. I’ve been that guy as well and the Lord lifted me out of the mire and landed me right on the solid rock! No more sinking sand for this grizzly!! Thanks again brother and keep on selling the kingdom: come buy with no money…come take and eat! The bread of life and the living water….nothing better!!

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