To the memory of Jack Miller:

Jack Miller; my friend,

I loved Jack more than I can say,
My heart hurts with his family on this, his final day.

A few things everybody should know about Jack,
things for sure, that are a fact.

Jack was Down to earth and good,
he loved his family like we all should.

He Came to my aid in a needy day,
A friend to the under-dog all the way.

Jack was a man who loved his wife;
he showed that clearly, all his life.

Jack loved his children & kin folks too,
in a heartfelt way that few ever do..

He lived and breathed the mountain, river & lake;
& showed us how to give more than you take.

Jack was a hunting man, a man of the wood;
and shared his catch every chance he could.

Every time I fish, hike & hunt for the rest of my time;
I will think of my friend, who shared his heart with mine.

Jack was a quiet man, who often had little to say;
but when he spoke, You knew it was Just that way.

Jack stood by his friends and wasn’t afraid of a fight;
he always stood up for what he believed was right.

Jack was a working man. A man’s man, who knew how to give,
His life taught me much about the right way to live.

Jack had plenty of room in his heart for God’s love;
That’s why I’m sure that now, he is in heaven above.

I told Jack how I felt and I know he knew, so I guess its ok……
but somehow I still want one more time, to say:

I love you Jack.


Jack Miller (on the right)


About timothygrantcarter

Inspirational Speaker, Sales Trainer, Quaker Minister. Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman and Shotokan NiDan. . Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it."
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